Nats Getty Comes Out As Transgender Non-binary

“To my trans brothers and sisters and non-binary family: I am here for you, I am here with you, and I love you.”

Artist, designer, and philanthropist Nats Getty (and former GO cover star!) came out as transgender non-binary in a post yesterday on Instagram. 

“I have spent my entire life not in sync with the body I was born with and confined to an outwardly appearance that did not match my mind or soul,” Getty writes. “It wasn’t until recently that I was even comfortable admitting this to myself, once I was able to reflect inwards and truly reflect on my authentic self.”

Getty’s wife, YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous, also yesterday posted a video on her channel called “Nat’s Journey,” which follows the celebrity couple as they journey to San Francisco for Getty’s top surgery. In a preface to the video, Getty writes, “I’m allowing myself time with my new body to decide what pronouns best suit me.”

Getty, whose great-grandfather was the founder of Getty Oil, is a former model, artist, and the founder of the fashion line “Strike Oil,” which plays off of their family’s name. They’ve been married to Gorgeous since 2019. Both Getty and Gorgeous have become social media stars thanks to their willingness to speak candidly about their relationship and their personal journeys.  

“I know it’s a privilege that I’m even able to move forward with this when for so many it’s an impossible option due to their circumstances,” Getty writes in their post. “While I feel so blessed to be able to start my transition surrounded by love and support, it’s not lost on me that many people are having to navigate this alone and in silence. To those on the road to self-discovery, please know that it can be a long process and there is no need to rush it.”

They’ve received widespread love and support on social media from friends, family, and well-wishers including Ruby Rose and Morgan McMichaels

Getty concludes their post by writing, “To my trans brothers and sisters and non-binary family: I am here for you, I am here with you, and I love you.”

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