TikTok COO Comes Out As Non-Binary


Their children helped inspire the move.

TikTok COO V Pappas announced yesterday that they are non-binary. “I primarily go by V and more recently they/them,” they explained on Linkedin. “While most of you know me as being fairly private as it relates to my personal life I did feel it important to bring my whole self to work and to share my gender identity and preferred pronouns. And through my actions show that difference is accepted and welcomed at TikTok.”

V Pappas added that they reached an understanding of their gender identity after speaking with their two children. They said that their kids give them “an ability for self reflection through their questions and own exploration of ideas”.

The TikTok executive said they “still very much value my identity as being both a woman and non-binary,” and “I don’t worry if you don’t use V or they/them all the time, but I do appreciate the effort to recognise my preferences”.

Pappas is pansexual and has been with their same-sex spouse for 20 years, with whom they are raising their children.

“As a family we spend a lot of time talking about the importance of recognising diversity across sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender, age, socio-economic status, personal abilities, political backgrounds etc. And how, seeing and embracing differences, and enabling all voices to be heard, fosters a more inclusive community, the kind we aspire for our kids to grow up in.”

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