Get Sexy For Pride: Shop These Queer-Owned Lingerie Brands

Are you more a soft masc boyshorts or 8-strap harness kind of queer?

Lingerie is a fun way to feel ~sexy~, and it doesn’t need to just be for a partner. Personally, I love to put on something cute, press play on Lizzo, and proceed to admire my own butt in the mirror. But, it’s easy to feel like lingerie isn’t “for you,” especially if you shop at traditional lingerie stores (aka not queer lingerie brands). They’re, uh… How do I put this? VERY HETERO. 

But you know what?  You have now entered a universe where your sexy body is catered to in all of its glory, whether cis or trans or masc or femme or somewhere in-between.

Here are 8 lingerie brands that are queer- and/or trans-owned. This is not all lace and garters, either, ya’ll—masc bbs, I’ve got you covered. Barely. (*ba dum ching*)

FYI by Dani Read


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FYI stands for Fuck You Industries, a company founded in 2011 by lesbian lingerie designer Dani Read. The collection is a hard femme’s wet dream, full of leather and metal and BDSM-oriented items. The photo campaigns too are very queer! And very drool-worthy.

Origami Customs


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Origami Customs is a one-man show run by Rae Hill, a non-binary queer femme. The collection features gender-affirming items for people all across the gender spectrum, and Rae hand makes every item, so everything can be customized. The material is eco-friendly, too.

I love this 8-in-one body harness, which—yes—can be worn 8 different ways! Also, I love this mesh binder and this strappy binder (which comes in a million colors). Yay sexy binders!



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On the other end of the spectrum from FYI, there’s TomboyX for the soft mascs. Married couple Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez founded this company that specializes in cute boxer briefs for women. They originally sold other clothing items, like T-shirts, but the boxer briefs were the clear rockstar. They sell sizes XS to 4X.

It’s hard to pick one favorite from TomboyX, so just peruse their endless selection of colorful underwear here.



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If you want to wear lingerie designed by the same person who designed stage outfits for Beyoncé, may I present to you Chromat: a line founded by queer designer Becca McCharen. Becca studied architecture—not fashion—and it shows in her unique structures and shapes. Chromat’s shows at NYFW are known for being ahead of the diversity curve, with a range of skin tones, gender identities, sizes present.

Just look at this plus-size mesh suitOMG. Also, consider buying a very cute bra with a classic Chromat aesthetic.

GI Collection

GI Collection is a lingerie company for trans women by trans women. Founder Carmen Liu created the UK-based company that provides so much more than just lingerie. They also provide clothing, hair products, classes, trans-friendly services, and other resources for trans people. The panties and bras are extremely cute and affordable, too. There’s a lace thong and satin thong and satin braoh my!

“Living as a transgender person is a beautiful, yet terrifying journey,” Carmen writes on the website. “We want to make sure that every single one of us gets all the support we need, every step of the way.”

And she’s got so much more in store.



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PlayOut features “gender-free” underwear, so now you have both a new source of lingerie and a new word. You’re welcome! They sell everything from boxer briefs to trans-friendly thongs! PlayOut is run by two queer women, Abby Sugar and Elizabeth Leifer, and their runway shows and photo campaigns feature people happily playing with gender expression.


Tack is a store full of “non-gendered” items. Relevant to our interests: the collection of silky bright underwear with flowers on them. Artsy femmes will adore these pieces. Hell yes!

These silk briefs are truly A Mood. This silk bikini-style underwear has a silk rose on it!

Rebirth Garments


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Rebirth Garments makes lingerie with trans, genderqueer, and folks with disabilities in mind. Founder Sky Cubacub decided to found the company after not being able to buy a properly fitting binder. Like Origami Customs, every piece is made by hand and fully customizable. For example, any piece can be made to fit as a binder, and accessories for packing or tucking can be added. You can also request a totally custom item of your choice. The whole shop is full of color and patterns and joy.

Lingerie lovers and dabblers, where do you get your favorite items?

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