Lexie Peters

Bianca M Studios LLC


“I’ve had the honor to wear many different hats while being on set: model, dancer, actress, musician, photographer, director, choreographer, production assistant, and many more,” says Lexie Peters. “I love being a part of the creative process in any way I can to bring a vision to life.” Peters recently moved from New York to Los Angeles to pursue the dream life of a full-time creator. In the meantime, they’re racking up followers on Instagram and TikTok, have a podcast called Peterss Perspective that explores vulnerability and self-discovery, and recently led a self-love workshop as part of Illuminate Events’ “Planted With Purpose” tour. While Peters has always been creative, the idea of working for herself is a more recent development. “Initially I had this crazy passion to…overall just to be creative, and then the thought of doing what I loved as a job was super tempting,” Peters says. “So I led with that, and then the idea of being my own boss motivated me to really go full-time as a creative.” The constant hustle isn’t easy, and Peters has considered a day job more than once—but the vision of success on their own terms keeps them going. “At one point, I was doing it to prove others wrong, and now I’m doing it to prove to myself that I am capable of all I desire,” she says. “We’re in charge of creating our own lives.”

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