How To Find Your Lesbian Love, According The Zodiac

Lesbians are complicated! Let the ~zodiac~ be your guide.

So, you’ve met someone and you want to woo her and win your way into her pants heart, eh? Great! If you know her astrological sun sign, this handy guide can help you woo the woman of your dreams and have you two sharing your hopes, dreams, and future plans before you can even say “U-Haul on the 2nd date.”

Here’s how to find your lesbian love, according to the zodiac! 


This is a woman who loves a good chase, so give her the opportunity to chase you for a little while. Aries is fiercely independent, so give her a little space and give her the chance to be the one to text you first. Nothing turns off an Aries more than intense neediness. She’s incredibly strong, competitive, and can come across as domineering at times. Aries has top energy, even if they’re not a top (but what kind of an Aries isn’t a top, anyway?!). If you can let her take charge and not feel intimidated by her, you can win this alpha woman’s heart.


Do you like to cook? Do you have your DoorDash app at the ready at all times? Hope so! Taurus love to be pampered, particularly with food and the finer things in life. Treat your Taurus woman to some fine dining — bonus points if it’s made by you. You two can enjoy it at home in front of the TV in your cozy clothes, and you may just win her over. This will take time, though. She’ll test you, drive you bonkers, and question whether or not you’re genuine. But once you win her affection and earn her attention, you’re IN. Don’t lead a Taurus down the romantic path unless you’re ready for the long-haul commitment.


Get your Gemini talking, and you’re in. Make her laugh, and you’re as good as gold. Chances are, she’s charmed you with her fabulous wit and knowledge about various things, so it’s your turn to impress her with your verbal prowess and amazing sense of humor. Keep the conversation going with stimulating topics. Let her debate you and feel like she’s “won” the debate. All your Gemini really needs is to be heard, listened to, and valued. Looking for brownie points? Take her to a comedy show to get her laughing, or to a documentary and discuss it — at length — afterward.


To woo your Cancer woman, you’re going to need to be ready to cuddle at any given moment. Bonus points if you just cuddle at home on the cozy couch for hours while you watch Netflix, make out, and talk about your feelings. There is very little a Cancer woman loves more than her family and home, so she wants a partner who values both. She’s looking for a lifetime partner, so if you’re a playgirl, just move on to the next — not a Cancer thing. To win her heart, show that you’re worthy of her trust, that home is where the heart is, and she’ll be melting in your arms before you know it.


Leos love attention, and they love to be in the limelight. So let that Leo shine in your presence and she’ll dazzle you with her affection and charming smile. A Leo woman has no need for anyone, yet she is desperate for attention all the time. Make sure you give her plenty of time to talk about herself and how great she is. And then, let her know you’ve been listening and that you feel the same way too. Look past her tough exterior and know that inside, she’s a loyal, loving person who just needs to show off her skills and amazingness every once in a while day.


Impress your Virgo love interest by showing up for dates on time (bonus if you’re early!), and being organized. Plan a whole date down to the minute and you’re good in her books. She may be quiet and appear unassuming, but rest assured there’s a LOT going on in her brain. Ask her lots of questions to get her to open up, and she’ll learn that you’re trustworthy. She may show her interest in you through criticism, but she really means well and means for it to be constructive.


Here’s a woman who loves appreciation and being told how fabulous she is. Listen, everyone loves a Libra. And Libras know it. So it’s your job to let her know that you like her extra, and don’t be afraid to show it. She may take a while to text you back but she is definitely longing for your instant responses, so don’t play games with this one. She is a believer in fairness and justice for all, so she wants a relationship that is harmonious and without much conflict. She expects you to appreciate her efforts to keep the peace and for heaven’s sake. Lavish her with attention and don’t take her for granted.


Scorpio can see right through you, so it’s important to always be honest. She knows your truth, anyway. Although Scorpio isn’t one for being vulnerable right away, you’ll have her falling for you more openly if you show your vulnerabilities and soft side first. She’s sexy and she knows it. Don’t ever think you can control a Scorpio — you can’t. Embrace her for who she is — deep feeling, dark thinking, and all. Be patient, let her feel in control, and be as vulnerable and open as you can.


Prepare to never be bored! Be open-minded and take your Sagittarius woman on an adventure. She will always and forever prioritize her freedom, no matter how much she loves you, so prepare to give her plenty of space to explore life — and the world — with or without you. Don’t rush her into commitment. Instead, continue to go on adventures together until you realize your next adventure is marriage. Go with the flow, step out of your comfort zone, and be prepared for fun!


Capricorns are big on responsibility, so if you have some stability in your life and know how to take care of yourself, she may consider giving you a slice of her affection. Take things slowly with a Capricorn woman. She knows how fantastic she is, and she isn’t afraid to be alone. She doesn’t typically date casually or have a lot of FWBs, so take the time to build a solid foundation. Start with friendship first, prove your worthiness by being steady, reliable, and responsible, and you’ll win her heart over time.


From the moment you met her, you knew she was unique and special. The more you get to know her, the weirder you’ll realize she is. But not only does she march to the beat of her own drum, but she’s fiercely independent, refusing to conform to societal norms. She’s comfortable with who she is, and she isn’t looking for your validation. However, she WILL love the attention you lavish on her. Make her think. Take her out on a date to look at the stars and pontificate on the meaning of life. And though she’d never admit it, she would love it if you pampered her a little with all things romance. Just don’t do it on Valentine’s Day — too normal and boring to the Aquarians!


Your Pisces lives in her own dream world, one where fairies exist and sprinkle love dust everywhere so that everyone lives in a completely loving world. Kidding. Mostly. But when you fall in love with a Pisces, you can expect her to want things to be magical and dreamy. She’s also needy as they come, so text her back right away to get in her good books. Tell her how creative she is and how much you love that in a woman. She carries dreams and fantasies that have no place in reality, but if you can even try to recreate a romantic fantasy of hers, you’ll be in her heart forever. (Romantic picnic in the park, anyone?) Be true to who you are and always be honest — she can sniff out a lie a mile away, even if she doesn’t want to admit that you’d ever dare tell a tall tale.

We hoped this trusty guide helped you find your lesbian love according to the Zodiac! After all, the answers are all in the stars!

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