The Fierce Lauren Jauregui Responds To Homophobia And Is All Of Us

“You can watch a kid get bombed and not do anything about it, but you can’t watch me kiss my girlfriend?”

Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui is an outspoken bisexual woman and proud of it. Last year, the pop singer came out in a letter addressed to Trump voters post-election. Since then she’s made a splash on the headlines by simply holding hands or kissing her girlfriend in public (gasp—shocking!). In a recent interview with Out magazine, she discusses how annoying and problematic it is that people divest so much time and energy into her kissing her girlfriend.

“People still talk shit,” Jauregui confessed. “But it’s like, why does it make you feel gross? You can watch a kid get bombed and not do anything about it, but you can’t watch me kiss my girlfriend? Go fuck yourself.”

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There is so much going on in the world—so much pain and destruction—that it’s actually kind of ridiculous to expend energy into being homophobic towards a celebrity for kissing her girlfriend. We couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly with Jauregui’s response.

In fact, we’ve probably all been there before where we’ve gotten to the point of just wanting to yell “Fuck off!” to any homophobic person we see judging us for holding hands or showing the tiniest bit of PDA.

Jauregui continues to tell Out that she feels strongly about being outspoken and honest about her identity. Many of her close friends and family members told her to keep quiet last year when she planned to come out publicly. “A lot of artists are held back by the notion that they’ll lose their fan base or alienate themselves,” she told Out. “Even friends and family would tell me to keep it to myself. But the more I thought about it, the more I was like, Why?”

Jauregui wants to continue to make bold statements with her work. She recently collaborated with fellow out and bisexual star Halsey on a song “Strangers.” When they first were pitching the song idea, the lyrics were written about a woman pining for a man. “Then I got a text from her: ‘Hey, babe, you can totally shut this down, but I was thinking we could switch the pronouns,’” Jauregui tells Out. “I was like, ‘Bitch, I was thinking the same thing!’”


When celebrities like Jauregui come out, they are paving the way for young LGBTQ people everywhere by showing them they aren’t alone. She came out very publicly at a time when so many LGBTQ people were feeling vulnerable with the election of Trump. And she continues to be bold and shameless about her identity and the role it plays in her daily life.

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