8 Cute Moments From The ‘L Word: Generation Q’ Premiere In Los Angeles

The L Word: Generation Q premiere in LA was LIT!

If you’re getting tired of waiting for the premiere of the “L Word: Generation Q” (only five more days!!!), why not occupy your time with these lovely photos of last night’s Los Angeles premiere? Sure, you didn’t actually get to go and watch the first episode in a fancy theater alongside Bette Porter IRL, but these photos are the next best thing.

The entire cast reunited in Los Angeles to celebrate the upcoming series, starring old favorites Jennifer Beals, Katherine Moennig, and Leisha Hailey alongside a cast of new young actors.

The night was full of highlights, from the ~pink carpet~ to Jennifer Beals’ power suit. 

1. Alice waiting for the bus.


Leisha Hailey: She’s just like us. She has to wait in flip flops to get escorted the “L Word: Generation Q” premiere!

2. The old cast pre-gaming.


Those WALKS, though!

3. The new cast on the pink carpet.


Mercado was just added to the cast as a recurring character.

4. The group selfies.


This photo makes me feel like an insider on the “L Word: Generation Q” group text.

5. Bette Porter — I mean, Jennifer Beals’ satin blue power suit.


This power suit is my new religion.

6. Rosanny Zayas’ hairdo.


Is she literally flawless or what?!


7. Mercedes Mason’s collarbones.


Plus, her suit! So many great power suits at the L Word: Generation Q premiere!

8. Stephanie Allynne and Tig Notaro 4 ever.


Cutest lesbian couple at the cutest lesbian premiere. We die. Who else is teeming with excitement for the premiere of the L Word Generation Q on Sunday?

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