Keeping Up with Doxi Jones

The pop darling gives us the scoop on her upcoming album

Growing up in California with two musically talented parents, the Doxi Jones’ gift came naturally. The newly minted pop star and songwriter performed at talent shows and jam sessions with her jazz-playing family, singing jazz standards and developing a deep passion for music at a young age. Jones says her talent found her before she knew anything about the music industry.

Jones signed to Universal Republic a year and a half ago, and since then has focused on finding herself and telling her story through her music. Her debut single “Die For You” has rocked dance floors and energized crowds from Cali to New York this summer, and she plans to tour in support of her album Unashamed later this year.

As a performer suddenly thrust into the spotlight, Jones is still getting her bearings and learning how to come out of her shell. Though she is bouncy and engaging on stage, she insists she’s an introvert. She describes herself as a “friend and family girl” who enjoys the simple things in life—but don’t let her shy side fool you. Her bold attitude and sexy persona come out on stage, and the support of the crowd mixed with her upbeat pop sound give her a jolt of confidence.

Her album’s title seems similarly loaded with the promise of liberation. “We covered a lot of ground in this album in terms of subject matter, and many of the lyrics touch on issues that we don’t necessarily want to approach, especially publicly,” Jones tells GO. Without revealing too much in advance of the album’s drop, Jones confesses that “there are a lot of personal things on there. I felt that we explored emotions that people don’t necessarily want to reveal, and did so in a healthy way, and that’s why we called it Unashamed.”

Jones has recently performed her stick-in-your-head anthem “Die For You” at several major gay events, including GO’s Readers Choice Nightlife Awards, NYC Pride’s Rapture on the River and Aqua Girl’s Odyssey party. “It’s such a close knit community, and I find that it’s a really accepting community too,” Jones says of her LGBT fans. “I might be nervous about getting in front of a mixed crowd, but I’m just able to let it all go when I’m in front of my LGBT audience.”

Check out her hit single “Die For You” on her website

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