Jewel Cadet

Derica Wilson


Jewel Cadet, aka Jewel The Gem, is a Brooklyn-born and raised survivor, healer, educator, entertainer, and entrepreneur. As an unapologetic abolitionist and freedom fighter for Black queer and trans lives, her activism began at a young age. “I advocated for my younger brother, who faced many social challenges, and organized my first petition in fourth grade to get chocolate milk back on the cafeteria menu,” Cadet says. Her activism continued into her adult life, from helping to get the J Marion Sim Statue taken down in New York City to releasing an album titled Ratchet Revolution, with anthems like “Femme Fire” that express her love and solidarity with Black trans femmes. Her love and care for Black women and femmes centers Black trans women, specifically. “They’ve paved the way for gender liberation and I can’t be free unless they are. Our liberation is directly connected,” says Cadet. Her work as a performer, speaker, and educator is dedicated to empowering marginalized communities. She also owns two businesses: Jewel The Gem Productions, which produces community spaces that center Black joy, restoration, and healing, and Ratchet Rev, an apparel line with liberated messaging for the hood, Black, and spiritual folk . “Being a Black queer woman is my superpower,” says Cadet. Her vision for herself is to continue living out her life’s purpose—to live in her truth and power as an inspiration for others to do the same. She hopes to leave a legacy of community building and conscious raising for future generations of Black girls from the hood who embrace their African spirituality and live life on their terms.

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