Jenny Durkan Is Seattle’s First Openly Lesbian Mayor

Jenny Durkan became Seattle’s mayor last night, the first woman since the 1920s to fill the role and the first lesbian to become mayor of Seattle ever. Read that again. Take it in. Feel proud!

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With women and lesbians being so underrepresented in politics, this win is especially heartening. I’m sure Seattle lezzies are going absolutely bonkers right now with excitement! Let this be a moment of victory. A moment of hope. A moment to set a precedent. And most pressingly, a moment to signal to keep on fighting the good fight. Jenny Durkan’s campaign centered around addressing homelessness in Seattle, creating more affordable housing, working for a city income tax, criminal justice reform, environmental issues, and taking on Trump.

We know that the fight isn’t over but only just beginning. I couldn’t help but get emotional this morning, thinking of all the women on Election Day last year, when it felt like we all had a collective cry. The solidarity in our pain. I thought of how a young closeted lesbian in a conservative state, feeling hopeless. And then I thought of that collective pain changing into excitement and I thought of that same girl this morning, feeling seen. Represented. Hopeful.

Durkan celebrated with her favorite Seattle fast food.


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