Jennifer Aniston And Tig Notaro Will Play Lesbian President and First Lady In “First Ladies”

Extremely gay news!

Hold on to your snapbacks, lezzies, cause I have extremely gay news for you. Jennifer Aniston is set to play the first LESBIAN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and Tig Notaro is set to play her First Lady. The series is called “First Ladies,” a political comedy premiering on Netflix, written by Notaro and Stephanie Allynne. The pair are married.

Apparently there was a bidding war over Notaro and Allynne’s original pitch, and Netflix was the lucky winner. Thank goddess, right? Because I don’t even have cable. Or a TV. (Don’t all millennials just watch Netflix on their laptops in bed?) ANYWAY, if I know my gorgeous GO readers like I think I do, I know that you babes LOSE YOUR MINDS for lezzie content. I also know that we get disappointed when queer women are only portrayed in very depressing ways.

That’s why I’m so jump-out-of-my-high-waisted-shorts excited to see a lesbian portrayed as president! According to Deadline, the upcoming show will “prove that behind every great woman… is another great woman.”

“First Ladies” expands Notaro’s relationship with Netflix. Her original comedy special, “Tig Notaro – Happy to Be Here,” debuts May 22 on Netflix. In case you don’t know, Notaro is known for her deadpan humor and has been a comic for years; she released her debut stand-up album in 2011. She is also ~one of us~ and married to a woman, who IS THE OTHER WRITER OF THE SHOW, in case you missed that cutie tidbit. Notaro will also direct Ellen DeGeneres’ upcoming Netflix original comedy special. Doesn’t get much gayer than that, my friends.

Notaro, Allynne, and Aniston are producing along with Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, Jessica Elbaum, and Betsy Koch for Gloria Sanchez Productions. Chris Henchy is exec producing.

We will report more details when we have them. Happy Friday, queer babes!

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