Jaimie Kelton

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“I started as a musical theater performer—never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that one day I would change my passions from singing and dancing to advocating for inclusivity and change for the LGBTQIA+ community,” podcaster Jaimie Kelton says. A passionate advocate for queer family building, Kelton co-founded The Queer Family Podcast, which uplifts, highlights, and normalizes queer families. Kelton’s personal experience with infertility prompted the start of the podcast. After her partner gave birth to their first child, Kelton tried to get pregnant. But as the couple was running out of donor sperm and funds, Kelton grappled with the emotional and trying experience. She looked for others who shared similar struggles, to no avail. “I was yearning to hear from others who had similar fertility journeys but couldn’t find my story mirrored back to me,” says Kelton. The lack of queer fertility stories and representation prompted Kelton to create this representation herself. Today, The Queer Family Podcast has grown into a community of supporters and friends, providing a safe and inclusive space for queer families and allies to come together and share their stories. Kelton hopes the podcast becomes the leading source for queer family stories and parenting expertise in mainstream media, breaking down barriers and changing outdated policies that make it challenging for queer people to create and raise their families. “Representation matters,” she says, “and this show is determined to push the narrative of intentional and loving queer family building, making it the norm and not the exception.”

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