Horoscopes For Queer Women: Mercury Retrograde Again. Sorry.

The overarching theme of the month is the desire for change.

We kick off February 2021 with Mercury retrograde. Mercury rules communication, including speaking, listening, writing, reading, and speaking, as well as activities closely related to communication like travel, negotiations and contracts, and shipping and mail. Try to stay flexible, patient, and understanding with yourself and others. Avoid signing new contracts, double-check your emails before you hit “send,” and don’t text your ex! Now’s a great time to review projects and plans but wait until Mercury goes direct on February 21st before making any big decisions.

The overarching theme of the month is the desire for change — going head to head with old structures and authority. This is happening on both a personal/micro level and on a macro level. There’s a heavy emphasis on Aquarian energy this month. With the new moon in Aquarius on the 11th, expect new opportunities as well as an urge to build something new that lasts long-term. Confrontations with people and ideals from the past are likely, so remember that endings are often the catalyst for new, brighter beginnings. A full moon takes place on February 20th, which brings what happened last summer full circle. Look back to old journal entries or social media posts to get an idea of how this month’s full moon will affect you.


Much is shifting for Aries as fortune-boosting Jupiter begins to gain ground in a very prominent part of your solar chart. And this month, with Venus entering your birth sign on the 7th, you’ll have an edge that brightens all your connections. It is very important, though, for you to strike a balance between aggressively pursuing your goals and playing your hand close to your chest. Taking time for personal connections should also be high on your priority list. Big opportunities may present themselves at the end of the month. Work to shift your thoughts from “me” to “us” — altruism is especially important at this time. Avoid conflict near the 28th, particularly with coworkers.


New friendships are coming your way throughout the month of February as long as you remain open to change (no easy task for a Taurus!) and new beginnings. Try not to be a hermit and explore new situations and people (safely!), seeking out possibilities for new adventures with new friends. Nothing will be as clear or concise as you may like this month, but new connections will help forge the way for you throughout the rest of the year. You’ll likely be feeling more daring than you normally do toward the end of the month. Seize this energy and listen to what calls to you, luring you away from the familiar.


When presented with an opportunity to take control this month, dear Gemini, take it. You’ve got the upper hand with the planets in your favor. Your romantic and social life will be feeling particularly on fire this month. Short trips (close to home) may be in store at some point this year, but don’t expect to book your plans just yet; there may be a chance for your work to be in the spotlight. This is the right time for you to start new projects and get enthusiasm from others. Be very careful not to engage in power-play dynamics toward the end of the month. Only you have power over yourself — no one else does, as long as you don’t let them.


This month promises to be busy for you, Cancer, with various activities and projects in play. Negotiations of financial matters will go in your favor, so consider asking for more money at work or raising your rates. From the 16th on through the rest of the month, Mars entering Capricorn may present some challenges. Try not to overreact to the thoughtlessness and carelessness of others. It’s no easy task for a sensitive Cancerian, but if you remain calm, things will work out in your favor. Successful connections with friends and associates toward the end of the month will take you far, but only if you don’t get swept away in the drama and emotions of others. You’re above petty arguments.


Working collaboratively and peacefully with others is a theme for you this month, dear Leo. You’ll need others to get where you’re going. This month’s full moon will give you a boost of energy, but it will also have you diving into emotions and memories you’d previously forgotten or tried to brush under the rug. Sit with your feelings and pay attention to the details of everything you’re working on — even if they don’t yet make sense. The deeper you dive into things and the harder you work, the more you’ll gain, both emotionally and otherwise. Being aware of the small details will keep you one step ahead.


This month starts off on a bright note for you, Virgo. You may feel a little on-edge the first two weeks of the month. Use this energy to finish things up that have been hanging over your head. As the month goes on, be as consistent and persistent as possible with your to-do list. On the 19th, you may find yourself feeling more social than usual. Let your guard down and connect to others in vulnerable ways. You’ll feel propelled to new directions around the 23rd, so get ready to say “yes” to the opportunities that come your way.


Peace and harmony are themes of the month for you, dear Libra, but that doesn’t mean they’ll come easily. When Venus enters Aries on the 7th, personal connections will be in the spotlight for you (even more than usual!). As the month goes on, you may feel more ambitious than normal, worked up, and ready to take on the world. You’ll feel supercharged, but don’t stress yourself out. You have a lot on your plate and challenges facing you. Staying upbeat and positive will go a long way. You may face some power struggles at the end of the month. Shake them off and know that the only power you need is personal power; no one can take that away from you.


The Full Moon on the 9th will put you in the spotlight. This isn’t a comfortable place for you to be, so allow yourself to lean on family and friends during this time. Once the sun enters Pisces on the 20th, your creativity will propel you in new, unusual directions. You may feel more outspoken than usual. Try to be gentle with your words, however brutally honest you feel compelled to be. Inspiration hits around the 23rd. Follow your visions, chase your dreams, and allow yourself to try new things. Entertainment and social aspects will be particularly enchanting for you this month.


The first two weeks of February look promising for you, particularly when it comes to connecting with others who can help you achieve your dreams and work out solutions to any personal/family related issues you are facing. Others you depend on may be dragging their heels, being elusive and hard to pin down or understand. Try not to get frustrated with the evasiveness and delays. Your confidence in your own abilities can keep you moving forward. You can be productive on your own. With Venus in the most romantic part of your chart, it’s time to follow your heart and let it lead you to where you need to be. If you’re feeling self-indulgent toward the end of the month, don’t feel guilty about it. It’s what you need at this point in time. Carve out as much time for self-care as you need.


The planets are working in your favor this month, Capricorn, to get you back on track. Your ability to plan things and successfully execute your ideas is on fire this month, making you unstoppable. Others may be a bit evasive and vague, but your sheer force of will and go-getter attitude will keep things afloat. Try to engage in face-to-face meetings (even on Zoom) to get the results from others that you want. Snafus and miscommunications are possibilities this month thanks to Mercury retrograde. Don’t mince words, but do consider them carefully before speaking out loud. Save the brusque thoughts for yourself, and extend grace whenever possible.


Happy birthday, dear Aquarius! This is your season, and with a new year comes new beginnings. This month brings with it an honest reckoning of your past and how that version of you converges with who you are growing into. Allow yourself to be open to new narratives and allow different versions of yourself to emerge. Professional priorities will be top of mind as the month begins but will take a backseat by mid-month when you find yourself pulled into more personal activities. Give yourself the opportunity to discover your truths and free yourself from the burdens of older versions of yourself.


Take your time before jumping into anything new this month, sweet Pisces. Things are brewing behind the scenes that promise to be rewarding for you, but remember that good things come to those who wait. When Mars moves into Capricorn on the 16th, your moment comes to speak up and take action. You’re beginning a new chapter of personal growth; fine-tune your vision board and start living out your dreams. Patience is a virtue this month — with yourself more than anyone else. Take your time to process your thoughts and feelings so you can then turn them into action that helps make your goals a reality. Going inward and spending time alone will help bring the insights you need to move forward.

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