Horoscopes For Queer Women: A New Year Means A Fresh Start

Happy 2020! Many of us see January and the beginning of a New Year as a fresh start. This year, that fresh start is supported by the planets and some astrological events taking place early this year. Ready to break out of a rut, soar to new heights, and open your life for new beginnings?

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on January 10th in Cancer will have us all deep in our feels. Time to let go of the things that you’ve been hanging on to that no longer serves you and weighs you down. More than that, this eclipse is shining a light on self-care. Set intentions this year to spend more time on yourself, focusing on your inner world and mental health. Prioritize the friendships that make you feel good and spending time with your family, if they’re good for you and to you.

On January 12th, Saturn and Pluto form a conjunction in Capricorn. This hasn’t happened in a few decades (in fact, the last time it did was in 1982!). This is a generational turning point that will be a strong focus on industry and the economy. We’re about to see a shift in the way our world works, and this is a good thing. But we’ll have to go through some painful times before we see positive changes. In the end, Millenials will rise into power. Bye, Boomers!

Throughout the year, it’s important to stand tall in your power and have faith in yourself. The intentions that you set on a monthly and annual basis DO make a difference. Let’s take a look at what January 2020 brings for each of your signs.


It can be difficult for you to settle down long enough to really look within, Aries, but that’s exactly what you’re being called to do this month. Time to heal your deepest insecurities. You’re not the most sensitive person in the Zodiac (at least, not on the outside!), but the truth is your wear your heart on your sleeve, and sometimes you can get hurt because of it. Let go of the past and truly clear space in your heart for new, invigorating, and exciting relationships this year. What no longer serves you? How were you holding yourself back in 2019? Let the fear go and really allow yourself to be seen for who you are in 2020. Identify one characteristic of yours you’d really like to be known for this year and work on building that part of yourself.


Prosperity is the name of the game for you in 2020, dear Taurus. This year promises to bring you some heavy reality checks, especially when it comes to your finances. If the thought of checking out your credit card bill this month makes you feel sick, it’s time to get real with yourself about your finances and reign yourself in. Every Taurus loves the finer, cozier things in life. But you don’t have to go overboard. Sit down and think about what is most important in your life — not just material stuff, but spiritual and emotional, too. Is your social life helping or hindering your bank account? Be honest with yourself. Maybe don’t splurge every week on the newest restaurant and instead learn some new recipes to share with friends.


It can be all too easy to let indecision paralyze you from making choices and the next step to reach your goals. But don’t put off taking action this month. Work is going to be a priority for you this month, and you want to make the most out of the way the stars are aligned for letting your career take off. Stay focused; commit to taking action to get on the path you really want to be on. Catch up on your fave blogs and podcasts and take notes on what these folks are doing to chase their dreams. That can be you too, darling Gemini!


Sweet Cancer, happiness is key for you this month. The stars are supporting joy in your life right now, and you’re being encouraged to really do what makes you happy. Define what being fulfilled and joyful means to you. The Full Moon on the 10th is going to be quite illuminating for you, helping you get closer to living out the dream that is nearest and dearest to your heart. Expect a personal breakthrough emotionally — one that will help you feel more courageous and ready to take what life brings you next. Remember that thing you thought you’d never be able to pull off? Well, you can. This is your month to do it.


Get your creative cap on, Leo. This month is all about getting your creative juices flowing to boost your side hustle (or get one started!), pick up a new hobby, or set new artistic goals for yourself. Whatever lights a fire inside of you is what you should focus on this month. Ready to send that freelance pitch? Start that painting class you’ve been putting off? Create a new recipe? Now’s the time, lovely Leo. Carve out time for yourself to do exactly what you want, but make sure you don’t waste it all scrolling through Twitter. Turn off the phone and start creating. You’ve got this!


It can feel a little tired and cliche to set health goals in the New Year, dear Virgo, but that’s exactly what you should be focusing on this month. It’s time to reset yourself, give yourself time to relax, and shift your focus on what you can do for YOURSELF — not just everybody else. Are you self-sabotaging? Cut it out. Look at your eating habits, your sleep schedule, and how many hours a day you spend fretting and then do something to get better about the way you treat yourself. You deserve kindness. Prioritize your health the same way you prioritize care and critiquing people’s grammar on the internet.


This year promises to bring you a big transformation, Libra, and this month is when it all begins. It’s time to start taking responsibility for yourself and the life you want to live. Think about the impressions you want to make on others not just when you’re meeting a new hottie, but the legacy you want to leave in this world. Some of the direction you take this year means you’ll be letting go of people and relationships that are holding you back. It won’t be easy, but it’s necessary. Delete old posts that no longer reflect the way you want to be seen. If you’re not growing this year, you’re holding yourself back.


This month calls for some major self-love, Scorpio. Take yourself out on a date. Get that vibrator you’ve been eyeing online and splurge. You deserve it! Be careful about who you trust your heart with right now. You’re particularly tender. Some people are more drama than they’re worth, and you don’t owe those folks anything. This year promises to be action-packed for you. Start off the year by prioritizing what you want to do and be and where you want to go. Recharge so you can make the best of the year that’s about to unfold, full of adventure and growth. Start the year off by getting reacquainted with your deepest desires so that you feel rested and recharged to take on the world as the year unfolds.


Whew, Sag! 2019 was a huge year for you as far as personal growth and activity go. This time, it’s an opportunity for you to put an important plan into action. Take the lessons that you learned last year to live your best life in 2020. Responsibility and stability are your words of the year — sometimes no easy task for the wild and untameable Sagittarius. Make meditation a part of your daily routine. Yes, really. Clear your mind, stay focused, and take responsibility for yourself in ways that you perhaps haven’t before. This life is yours to live, and you want to live your best one, but not everything is an adventure.


The last couple of years have been a series of preparations for this year, dear Capricorn. It’s all about reinvention and living a new life that serves you best. You know that success doesn’t come overnight — no one is as prepared to work their tail off as you, after all. This month, you’ll get a glimpse of just how much your hard work is going to pay off. Be careful not to cling on to the past. Now is the time to write your next chapter. The power is yours. Be flexible, stay open-minded, and (take a deep breath with this one) take other people’s advice from time to time!


What are your biggest, deepest secrets, Aquarius? Do you want to live overseas? Start a business? Adopt a child? Whatever your biggest dreams are, this is the time to truly visualize the life you want and take the steps to make it happen. Whatever it is you want to manifest and bring into your life, the Astrology is supporting you this year. Write down all the steps you need to take to make your biggest dream come true. Take a step (or a few!) each month. This year promises to bring you exactly what you need and desire. Go for it!


Time to rest your dreamy, sweet head this month, dear Pisces. This is your time to reflect, rest, and revitalize your tired soul. Let go of the post-holiday stress and give yourself permission to relax as much as possible. Consider writing resolutions that give yourself more time to focus on creativity, explore your spiritual side, and deepest desires and dreams.

Ease into 2020. Clear your social calendar. If you do anything this month, prioritize being honest with yourself about how you want to feel this year. Hone in on the emotions you want to focus on, and then get to work on bringing that feeling and action into your life.

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