Hillary Clinton Is Not A Lesbian

In case you were wondering.

Hillary Clinton is not a lesbian. In fact, she just went on the record confirming that she is, indeed, not a lesbian. She’s “never even been tempted,” she says.

Clinton clarified her sexuality during an interview with Howard Stern, of all people. On his Sirius XM show “Wednesday,” Clinton opened up about the topic while describing an ex-boyfriend who was “really handsome” and resembled a “Greek god.” The two met before she and Bill Clinton got together in college.

“Contrary to what you may hear, I actually like men,” Clinton joked.

In response, Stern asked: “Raise your right hand. You’ve never had a lesbian affair?”

“Never, never, never!” Clinton replied laughing. “Never even been tempted, thank you very much.” She added that “everything we do can cause suspicion, apparently.”

Clinton has been the subject of rumors about her sexuality since the early ’90s. According to the theories, Clinton is secretly a lesbian, and her husband is just there as her “beard.” When she ran for president in 2016, some outlets even claimed that she’d be the first lesbian president.

Clinton’s remarks about being straight were taken lightly by Stern and the rest of the studio. But some LGBTQ advocates aren’t happy with her approach — specifically, her use of the word “tempted.”

Stern also inquired as to why Clinton has remained a media fixture in the spotlight as much as she has over the past few years. “Do you ever just want to lay in bed and say f*ck this?” Stren asked. “‘I’m going to go into full seclusion and they’ll never hear from me again.’”

“First of all, that would only delight my adversaries, so I would never do that,” Clinton answered.

In conclusion: Hillary Clinton is not a lesbian and she has made her stance once and for all.

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