Hallie Halpern


“I specialize in creating icons—pun intended!” jokes Miami-based brandbuilder and influencer Hallie Halpern. As a child, Halpern remembers, “I couldn’t wait to grow up so I could be sexy, wealthy, and iconic.” Although pink was her favorite color then, once Halpern got to design school she developed the “Hallie Purple” shade that shaped all of her projects. A strong, funny, and positive personal brand followed, then a career in helping people build theirs. “My brand’s message is meant to inspire people to be larger than life, choose their own path, and become delusional until it’s your reality,” Halpern says. “A lot of what I do is inspire people to… leave their toxic relationships, and to realize they deserve the best.” Dealing with professional setbacks is sometimes “a rollercoaster,” Halpern says. “As someone with mental health challenges, it can be really hard to ride the wave. But I’m trying to surrender and give myself kindness.” As she navigates her ever-changing fields, Halpern aspires to work solely with entertainment clients (“specifically electronic music”), as well as write a book and appear on the famed red carpet. When asked about the most rewarding aspect of her work, Halpern is effusive: “Honestly, getting told that my content/creations have changed how someone thinks about themselves and their life. Whether it’s taking their brand more seriously with a new website/logo and realizing they have what it takes, or realizing they deserve to be treated like a princess/celebrity when they leave the house…it’s all good!”

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