Gigi Gorgeous And Girlfriend Nats Getty Reveal Their Beautiful Baby In Heartfelt Instagram Post

Some well deserved GOOD NEWS!

Oh, honey! Do we have some post-Thanksgiving tea for you!

Our favorite YouTuber, glamour goddess and makeup maven, Gigi Gorgeous, has just announced that she and her sexy girlfriend, Nats Getty, are new parents. Don’t believe me? Check out Gigi’s Instagram post from just 15 hours ago, babes!

Thank you so much to our beautiful surrogate🤱🏼❤️

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The 25 year-old mega babe even thanked her “beautiful surrogate” in her heartfelt (albeit wholly shocking) post.  Nats posted this equally adorable picture on her Instagram:

💙Our little angel 💙 @gigigorgeous

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According to our friends over at Hollywood Life, the couple have revealed that the baby is a boy and they’re naming him Enzo (fierce!). They even shared some pictures of their new baby’s super glam custom onesies via Insta-Story. You know that stunningly cute little guy is going to be one stylish baby, given his mom is GIGI freaking GORGEOUS (and Nats is super swaggy and stylish too!).

Surely this news will come as a massive surprise to fans, as Gorgeous and Getty have never alluded to the fact that they were expectant parents, but it’s a happy surprise, isn’t it ladies? They are one of our favorite couples in digital media and we couldn’t be happier for them! Let’s wish them the best energy in this awesome new chapter of their lives! And let’s take a nice, deep sigh of relief that today we have happy, positive news to post. Let’s relish in the good news, because we all deserve a little bit of good news, my lovely queer babes!

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