Genuwine Beauty



Kenyatta Brown, also known as Genuwine Beauty, is a fearless trans woman and independent artist breaking barriers in the music industry. “I want people to see me as a music artist who loves and appreciates the game and enjoys making music,” she says. Born in Westwood, New Jersey, in the late ‘80s, Genuwine Beauty moved to Virginia in her early adolescence, where she discovered her passion for music. She’s been making music for over a decade and has faced many obstacles due to her gender identity and sexuality. Still, she remains true to herself and inspires others through her music. Genuwine Beauty has been featured in several major music blogs and magazines, such as SPIN, Desert Storm Music Blog, and She’s been a trailblazer in creating safe spaces for queer artists—especially Black and trans artists—and continues to raise awareness wherever she performs. She is also a creator of Mae, a unique anime rap urban genre that blends her love for anime and rap music. She has collaborated with artists such as Gemini Salter and Lil Moptop, and also works as a coexecutive producer for the Northeast Region of Mor Bookings, which is partnered with the label Quality Control. The most rewarding aspect of her work is being able to be herself and inspire others to do the same. She says, “I’m a woman making her mark in the industry.”

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