The First Openly Transgender State Legislator Danica Roem Stands Up To Discrimination In This Empowering Victory Speech

“We must focus on the issues that unite us.”

Virgina’s Danica Roem made history last night by scoring the title of as the very first openly transgender state legislator. If you’ve been awake and living in America for the last year, you wholly understand the epic magnitude of this victory.

While we still have an unbelievably long way to go politically and socially, it does feel incredibly affirming to have but a brief moment of joy, to experience a moment of what feels very much like, dare I say, progress.

In Roem’s powerful speech from last evening, you can sense a palpable spirit of hopefulness filling the democratic space, for the first time this year.

“This election has to prove nationwide that discrimination is a disqualifier” Roem articulated to a room teeming with excited entities. “We must focus on the issues that unite us” she coached.


While this is such an exploded moment of joy for all of us marginalized people who feel that our differences silence our political voices, it’s imperative to remember that we can’t let awesome victories such as this, dull down the incessant fight for equality. As GO Magazine’s Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Amy Lesser said this morning,

“As delighted as many of us may be about the results of last night’s 2017 elections, I want to remind you of one very important FACT: Just as we were galvanized by the defeats of so many Democrats in 2016, so will the right be galvanized by these victories. PLEASE don’t get cocky. We’ve just awakened A VERY POWERFUL bear and that bear will NOT go gently next time around. Keep donating, keep volunteering. Keep fighting. If we want real change and a “regime change” in 2020, we’re going to have to fight for it.”

So take today to celebrate this historic win, but remember the fight is far from over. Let this be a beam of hope that will inspire you to work even harder for change in this country.

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