Evangelical Christians Blame LGBTQ+ People For Coronavirus

True to form.

Evangelical Christians have a long history of blaming the LGBTQ+ community for natural disasters and diseases of all kinds. True to form, they’re now blaming the community to the new coronavirus COVID-19.

Steven Andrew is a pastor with the USA Christian Church, an internet-based far-right congregation. Andrew declared March to be “Repent of LGBT Sin Month,” which he says is necessary to protect “the USA from diseases, such as the Coronavirus.”

The pastor has released a press release, video, brochure, and other “resources” on this topic.

“God’s love shows it is urgent to repent because the Bible teaches homosexuals lose their souls and God destroys LGBT societies,” he said in the press release. “Obeying God protects the USA from diseases, such as the coronavirus.”

He added, “Our safety is at stake, since national disobedience of God’s laws brings danger and diseases, such as coronavirus, but obeying God brings covenant protection. … God protects the USA from danger as the country repents of LGBT, false gods, abortion and other sins.”

Andrew is head of the American Christian denomination, which “is made up of Christians of all denominations who believe like our founding fathers.” He is based in Northern California but says he’s establishing 25 ministries around the nation.

He’s not the only far-right Christian leader to link coronavirus to LGBTQ+ people. Florida minister Rick Wiles, founder of the media outlet TruNews, called the virus a “plague” sent by God to wipe out LGBTQ+ people and other “sinners.” Pastor E.W. Jackson warned listeners about the “homovirus” on his radio show.

According to the CDC, coronavirus is believed to have originated in animals and then spread to people. It spreads through respiratory droplets (for example, from coughing or sneezing). Obviously, there is no scientific link between coronavirus and LGBTQ+ people.

Meanwhile, televangelist Jim Bakker claimed that his STI cure, Silver Solution, would cure coronavirus in 12 hours. The New York Attorney General’s office ordered him to stop making misleading claims about the product, which costs $115.


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