The Dish: Stella Maxwell on Keeping Private, Evan Rachel Wood Covers Elle Canada

Queer cover girls FTW.

So I’m heading to Palm Springs tonight, and I am so excited to blow up all of our Go beach balls for the Dinah pool party. Come find our table, grab an issue of the magazine and say hello!

Dr. Lillian Faderman will be the first-ever Historian-in-Residence at the Lambda Archives of San Diego.

Women athletes are leading the charge against homophobia in sports.

p.s. sports and LGBTQ rights are super connected, as the NCAA will tell you.

Bisexuality is literally on trend right now.

How parents of LGBTQ teens can keep their children from hitting the streets.

Is Hollywood officially queerbaiting us with tiny little LGBTQ characters?

This translation from a German surrealist lesbian novel might be a fun read for your weekend.

Related: How to start getting into queer romance novels.

The Daily Beast on why LGBTQs being removed from the census really fucking matters.

Carl’s Jr. is apparently going to stop using salacious girl-on-girl softcore to sell their burgers.

A young QWOC reflects on being featured in a book of out teens 11 years ago.

We could all use a little life advice from Adrienne Rich, no?

The Alice Austen House has been awarded $250,000 from the National Endowment from the Humanities and will use it to update the legendary lesbian photographer’s home-turned-museum. 

Our community is eschewing labels now more than ever.

“Wynonna Earp” fans, SyFy has released is the Season 2 premiere date.

Stella Maxwell is one of the hottest models around, and she’s also super queer. She says of the growing interest in her:

“I don’t seek out attention or look for exposure. I like to keep my private life private. Once it’s out there in front of people, it can be hard to enjoy it and keep it real. With modeling, [exposure] comes hand in hand.”

Harper’s Bazaar

She’s on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spain this month, and she’s got some good cover girl company as Evan Rachel Wood graces Elle Canada.

Elle Canada

Inside the mag, Evan touches on feminism, queer identity and Hollywood.

Same time, same place tomorrow, which is FRIDAY.

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