The Dish: Sara Ramirez Stars In Mary Lambert’s “Know Your Name,” Ellen Is Getting a Netflix Stand-Up Special

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I hope to be seeing you L.A. lesbos at the Astraea Foundation’s Fueling the Frontlines gala tonight, “a powerful night of art, film, music, cocktails, food, and friends as we honor the frontline LGBTQI activists and cultural changemakers who are leading the new era of resistance.” I mean, why would you NOT want to go?

I have a feeling Kelly McGillis won’t be Tom Cruise‘s love interest in the new “Top Gun” sequel, and that’s probably best for her, but I’m still going to consider it a slight if they leave her out of it.

That annoying study done in Greece keeps popping up to falsely make people think women go bi or lez to turn men on. Luckily, anyone who reads the “research” can see it’s a bunch of bullshit.

Loving this spotlight on The Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corps Marching Band, that is gearing up for NYC Pride (which, for the first time ever, will be televised this year.)

L.A. needs more events catering to the black LGBTQ community, as does pretty much every city ever. But there are some summer offerings, like Summer Bash, that are providing the space and opportunity for QPOC to celebrate themselves.

Hollywood still sucks at LGBTQ representation in mainstream film. When the lesbian taco in “Sausage Party” is the best a studio can do…..FAIL. And even though we all know Kate McKinnon‘s “Ghostbusters” character was on our team, it wasn’t explicit enough for GLAAD to count it.

Yara Greyjoy seems to be lezzing out on the new season of “Game of Thrones,” but not with Daenerys. Instead, the new trailer shows her kissing Ellaria. FINE.

Great news: Ellen DeGeneres is planning a new stand-up special with Netflix. No real details yet other than YAS. It’s been too long.

Indonesian police are targeting LGBTQ people and using public violence as a method of torture and control. It’s really fucked, to say the least.

Tegan and Sara are going to be a part of Mothership this year, and it’s going to be LIT.

Betsy DeVos was asked if the Department of Education would require schools to stop discriminating against LGBTQ students and families the other day. Her response? “The states set up the rules. I believe states continue to have flexibility in putting together programs.” AKA she will make no such requirements.

Mary Lambert brought in Sara Ramirez and a bunch of her queer friends to star in her new lady-loving music video “Know Your Name” and you’re destined to love both the song and the vid.

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