The Dish: Samira Wiley & Lo Morelli Get Married, Russia Gives “Power Rangers” An Adult Rating

Wives, not BFFs.

Happy Monday!

ICYMI, Samira Wiley and Lo Morelli got married over the weekend and damn, do they look happy. (BTW, some people assumed they were best friends getting hitched on the same day, which, I can’t even.)

Photo by Jose Villa/Martha Stewart Weddings

Actress Landry Allbright is engaged to a woman.

AP Style is now officially accepting “they” as a singular pronoun

Oregonians are reporting more hate crimes than ever.

Some douche on Breitbart made a hell of a lot of assumptions about lesbians, proving he knows absolutely nothing. Actual thing he said:

“God hates them so much that he’s made sure normal people can tell them apart from normal women. In his infinite wisdom, God made sure that we are able to tell them apart from the diseased so that we may protect ourselves and our children from them. That’s why most lesbians are as flat as an ironing board.”

Tig Notaro talked about her infamous Taylor Dayne story with Vulture.

The New Yorker covers the new Joan of Arc musical starring out actress/singer Jo Lampert.

Teen Vogue has nine bisexual women who are making history.

On that same slideshow tip, People has one of bisexual celebrities.

Amanda Lepore shares her thoughts on trans lesbianism (specifically, regarding Caitlyn Jenner) in Out.

This guy says a group of lesbians taught him how to have sex.

Russia gave the new “Power Rangers” film an adult rating that won’t let kids (aka its intended audience) into the theaters.

SlayTV is a new digital network for black queer people and it has some incredible programming.

Kristen Stewart wears ripped jeans that show a little ass and some people are freaking out about it.

Sarah Paulson was able to laugh it off when Cuba Gooding Jr. lifted her dress on stage, but a lot of fans are rightfully upset about this situation.

Thai prisons are going to separate LGBTQ inmates from the rest of the population.

I’m not saying vandalism is the way to go, but it’s one way to combat a transphobic bus.

These portraits of LGBTQ people in NYC are stunning.

What it takes to be a feminist in China.

BTW, will I see you in Palm Springs this weekend? TTYL!

The Dish: Samira Wiley & Lo Morelli Get Married, Russia Gives "Power Rangers" An Adult Rating
Article Name
The Dish: Samira Wiley & Lo Morelli Get Married, Russia Gives "Power Rangers" An Adult Rating
Samira Wiley & Lo Morelli Get Married
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