The Dish: Rachel Maddow Has The Best Response to Getting “Sirred” On Air

“It’s actually quite convenient in really unexpected places.”

It’s almost the weekend, guys. We’re so close.

There’s “medicine” that can allegedly cure lesbianism, but looks like it doesn’t work. Bummer.

Betty DeForest was an LGBT ally and advocate and once served as the President of her local PFLAG. Rest in power, Betty.

The Washington Post says that lesbians have it easier than moms when it comes to running for office. (No mention of the difficulties one might face as a lesbian mom, however.)

For a laugh/cry, read this letter to the editor: “Reader objects to photo of lesbian girl’s hairstyle.”

Speaking of homophobes, a 16-year-old girl committed suicide after she was bullied for telling a friend she might like girls.

On that same tip, this two-minute animation from United Nations illustrates how familial homophobia can turn into horrific bullying.

A lesbian couple was brutally attacked in Santa Fe earlier this week.

Bisexual activists are not happy with the lack of bi visibility in “When We Rise,” despite creator Dustin Lance Black’s claims that there are many bisexual activists featured in the mini-series.

“Buffy” fans will enjoy this love letter to Willow and this celebration of her relationship with Tara.

Toronto is celebrating its LGBTQ history throughout March.

The resident lez on “Sister Wives” has a girlfriend.

Rachel Maddow stopped by “The Tonight Show” to talk with Jimmy Fallon yesterday, and she shares that her partner bought her new sneakers for getting the Trump tax scoop.

But perhaps even more fun is her response to being called “sir” on her show last night.

Lesbian problems!

“The Good Fight” has been renewed for a second season, and it has a bad ass lesbian character.

The next time we’re together like this, it will be Friday!

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