The Dish: Lorde Sings About Love With a Woman in “Liability,” Tove Lo On Her Bisexuality

Plus “Below Her Mouth” gets a release date.

This feels like an especially “TGIF” situation today for some reason. Maybe because it’s 80 degrees and finally not raining in L.A. so I’m ready for the weekend. If you, too, live in or near La La Land, I hope to see you the Lambda Literary Festival. It’s queer as hell and free!

“Roseanne” fans will enjoy this special treat on “The Talk” today.

A series of gunshots were fired at a Tulsa LGBTQ center earlier this week and no one really seemed to care because fake news is taking over. Miami has a new night

Miami has a new Lesbian Takeover night at a Mediterranean restaurant called Mina’s.

A principal in Cape Town apparently caught two girls kissing in the bathroom and then “forced 38 girls between the ages of 14 and 18 to announce their sexual orientation to their parents, guardians and teachers.” The local department of education is investigating the matter because it sounds crazy.

Sexy Sapphic Canadian film “Below Her Mouth” is coming to the States (theaters and VOD) on April 28. ICYMI, the trailer is pretty hot.

The Daily Xtra reports from ClexaCon

These bad ass women are creating a space for lesbians in Turkey.

Kristen Stewart loves her shaved head (it’s for a role). She also talked with EW about that “I’m so gay” statement she made on “SNL”:

“I guess because it was simple and straightforward. Just — ‘I’m so gay, dude.’ In that moment, to make it normal and cool and completely unashamed? It felt really cool.”

She was also a guest on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” last night.

Tove Lo tells Out that she “sees herself as bisexual”:

But I’ve never actually had a relationship with a girl. It was one of those, do we need to define, why are we defining? [The interviewer] was like, “Have you ever had a relationship with a girl, because if not, it’s kind of more of a sexual thing, isn’t it?” She was kind of drilling me on it, so I was like, “Well I guess then I’m kind of a hobby lesbian, I don’t know.”

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The cast and crew of “Transparent” recorded this PSA in support of Gavin Grimm.

Lorde’s new track “Liability” has a few lines about a lady that has people thinking she may not be 100 percent straight:

“So I guess I’ll go home into the arms of the girl I love / the only love I haven’t screwed up / she’s so hard to please, but she’s a forest fire.”

Nicki Minaj dropped Ellen’s name in her response to Remy Ma, “No Frauds.”

Have an amazing weekend!

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