The Dish: Limit(less) Highlights LGBTQ Africans, Viceland Follows Queer Best Friends in “Twiz & Tuck”

Plus: The LPGA has an out Filipina golfer on this year’s tour and more.

Hi, how are you? I’m going to see “Fun Home” tonight in Los Angeles and I can’t wait to report back.

Out lesbian Regan de Guzman is the only openly gay golfer on the LPGA Tour this year. She’s also the only Filipina. See you at Dinah Shore, Regan?

Photo by LPGA

Got 14 minutes? Listen to this radio show tell the history of Indigenous participation in Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to read a novel about a “lesbian mermaid opera singer“?

Just another reminder that lesbians tend to earn more than straight women, which is a weird advantage we have from being generally disinterested in dudes.

Corrective rape is still a huge issue in South Africa

This photo series, Limit(less), is all about queer Africans, and it’s fucking stunning. Each profile of an LGBTQ-identified African person comes with their personal stories and discussion on their identities. Creator Mikael Owunna told Buzzfeed of the project:

“Almost all of the (very few) images of LGBT Africans out there are so sad and depressing and center exclusively on our pain. I want to provide a space through my art where we can heal and see that we not only exist being both LGBTQ and African — but that we also thrive and love ourselves!”

Photo by Mikael Owunna / Limitless

Samuel Edward Parke was found guilty of attacking a woman after he saw her hugging her partner in public. (The nerve, right?)

Some people scissor; some don’t.

Students at the Upasana College of Nursing are upset their principal are forcing them to keep their doors open at all times (even while changing) because they are concerned about lesbian acts.

Viceland’s new series “Twiz & Tuck” follows a trans guy and his genderfluid BFF as they travel across America. It’s described as “an emotional and inspiring story of self-discovery and friendship of two best friends … from Tuck’s hometown in Iowa to a rodeo in Arizona to the Las Vegas strip and finally where they originally met in San Francisco.” So in.

This IndieWire guy really made a Kristen Stewart interview all about him, but in case you love her enough to suffer through it.

Billie Jean King is part of this celebrity-driven #EmbraceAmbition PSA.

This is the best story I’ve read today: Pug in Live Action ‘Pocahontas’ Remake to Have Disney’s First Exclusively Bisexual Moment*.

Lesbian nuns on Netflix!

Carl’s Junior continues to use faux lesbianism to titilate dudes.

In Real Housewives news (every day, I swear), Bethenny Frankel and Sonja Morgan totally kiss in a hot tub on the new season of “Real Housewives Of New York City.”

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