The Dish: Lady Gaga Gets Dapper for Tiffany, Laura Jane Grace on “Fresh Air”

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A federal district court judge ruled that landlord Deepika Avanti violated the federal Fair Housing Act and the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act with her refusal to rent to a lesbian couple and their children. One of the women was transgender also, and Avanti claimed “she thought their ‘unique relationship’ would become the focus of discussion in the town and would harm her standing in the community where she had lived for 30 years.”

Some Utah high schools refused to participate in a statewide survey for students if a question regarding sexual orientation was included, so it was pulled. They are just going to keep trying to erase us, and we’re just going to have to keep screaming louder to be heard.

Two women were having sex in their hot tub in Wales when a neighbor threw a fit. Now authorities are looking into the matter, but the mad neighbor thinks they aren’t doing enough.

This just in: Rappers love to have women frenching other women in music videos.

The SAGE Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Studies” fromClark University psychology professor Abbie Goldberg has been named one of the best reference titles of 2016

Atlanta may just revisit their discrimination in the workplace case now that a Chicago court has ruled differently. Justice for Jameka Evans!

Lady Gaga is stunning, per usual, in her new ads for Tiffany.

Photo by Tiffany

The “Xena” reboot has lost its showrunner, which does not bode well.If you read Melissa Febos‘s “Abandon Me,” as I recommended in GO’s last issue, then you’ll enjoy her Book Notes at The Rumpus.

Megan Rapinoe has spoken on behalf of the USWNT, who have come to an agreement on a Collective Bargaining Agreement with U.S. Soccer that would include “a commitment from U.S. Soccer to pay the NWSL salaries for allocated players; a return commitment by the players to compete in the NWSL; a requirement for the improvement of NWSL standards; and the ability of the WNTPA to control group likeness rights for licensing and non-exclusive rights in sponsorship categories where U.S. Soccer does not have a sponsor; a significant increase in direct compensation and bonus compensation; enhanced ‘lifestyle’ benefits for the players with respect to travel and hotels; per diems that are equal to those of the men’s team; and greater financial support for players who are pregnant and players adopting a child.” Megan said in a statement:

“I am incredibly proud of this team and the commitment we have shown through this entire process. While I think there is still much progress to be made for us and for women more broadly, I think the WNTPA should be very proud of this deal and feel empowered moving forward.”

Fresh Air featured Laura Jane Grace on this week’s episode. A quote:

“I had no resources. I had no one to turn to, to talk about it. I used to go to a church group — the church paid for me to go to therapy. The church kicked me out of church eventually, because they thought I was a lost cause and there were just no words for it. Again, I didn’t hear the term ‘transgender’ until I was probably, like, 19 years old. Who wants to grow up to be something that you feel like is going to cost you a normal life?”

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Janet McTeer has joined Season 2 of “Jessica Jones” and if she doesn’t make out with Carrie-Anne Moss, then what is she even doing there?

Nonbinary “Billions” star Asia Kate Dillon is challenging the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on their gender-specific categories for “Best Actress” and “Best Actor.”

At Vulture: 18 Female Artists on Their Favorite Female Artists.

Canadian comic Jessica Holmes has opened for Ellen, and she shared some tidbits on the experience:

“Ellen had the largest entourage. She had 20 people around her. When I was standing in the wings, her security came by and said, ‘You can’t be in the wings.’ I said I have to be in the wings because I’m the opening act and I’m waiting for the director to call me on stage. It’s the most uncomfortable I’ve been professionallyI should’ve stayed in the wings and jumped on [her partner] Portia [de Rossi]. But seriously, people are full-on bonkers about Ellen. Her fans came up to me, grabbed me, and asked me to tell Ellen that they loved her. Ellen addressed all the attention on stage and said, ‘I have a thousand people a day who say I just need two minutes of your time,’ and that she loves all her fans but can’t obviously take the time for them all.”

The New Republic on why Black Lives Matter still matters. An excerpt:

Like the Panthers and others in the Black Power movement, BLM rose to prominence in a landscape of police violence and entrenched racism. The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was created in 2013 by Opal Tometi, Patrice Cullors, and Alecia Garza, three queer, black activists who were outraged at the acquittal of the “neighborhood watch” volunteer who shot and killed 17-year-old black Trayvon Martin. BLM evolved into a full-fledged movement during the urban rebellions in Ferguson in 2014 and Baltimore in 2015. Those political uprisings, like the larger conflagrations that spread throughout America during the long, hot summers from 1963 to 1969, represent a direct confrontation of institutional racism and economic injustice.

But BLM has moved beyond many of the blind spots and shortcomings of its predecessors, embracing the full complexity of black identity and forging a movement that is far more inclusive and democratic than either the Panthers or civil rights activists ever envisioned. Many of its most active leaders are queer women and feminists. Its decentralized structure fosters participation and power sharing. It makes direct links between the struggles of black Americans and the marginalization and oppression of women, those in LGBTQ communities, and other people of color. It has made full use of the power and potential of social media, but it has also organized local chapters and articulated a broader political agenda.

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