The Dish: Amber Heard on Her Queer Identity, New Series on Being LGBTQ in Jamaica

A few tidbits before the weekend.

Good morning! Again, I’m at #LGBTMedia17 today, so follow along on Twitter if you care about what LGBTQ journalists are talking about. (You should!)

TMZ caught up with Becky G to talk about being the gayest Power Ranger ever.

An interesting case in India that deals with the topic of same-sex partner abuse, sexuality and gender identity.

Learn about some influential queer women from the new Q Notes cover story.

CNN shares some thoughts on gaydar.

Japan just elected their first ever out trans public official. Tomoya Hosoda was recently voted city councilor in one of Iruma’s 22 seats.

The gay panic defense is no longer legal in Queensland.

Amber Heard talked about her queerness at the Pride & Prejudice Summit  in New York yesterday and had some interesting thoughts to share:

“I never have seen myself as defined by the person I’m with, the same way you’re not defined by the hair color of your partner—I never saw myself defined as one particular thing or not…I watched as I quickly became not actress Amber Heard, but out lesbian Amber Heard.”

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Cards for lesbian “mums” are all the rage for Mother’s Day.

One longtime Toronto Pride participant is boycotting Black Lives Matter’s part in the parade, specifically because they do not want police involved.

Logo’s new “Global Ally” campaign includes an in-depth look at being LGBTQ in Jamaica.

The man who helped a woman take her child from her ex has been sentenced to three years in prison for his role in the kidnapping.

Out lesbian musician Irish Mythen talks about vulnerability and visibility on stage.

Calling someone a “fucking lesbian bitch” is never cool, mmmkay?

Congrats to Maria Shtabskaya, who received the Women In Leadership Award March 22 at the 22nd annual Women in Leadership awards ceremony.

Let’s have a kiki.

“Orphan Black” fans will enjoy this EW coverage of their panel at PaleyFest.

If you’re in LA this weekend, please go dance at Milk Milk Lemonade for me with guest DJ JD Samson

Also, L.A.’s new queer coffee shop needs your help to survive and thrive and I’m so here for it. Well, I will be when I’m back from Orlando.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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