Video Of The Day: A Little Bit Of Dinah Shore To Brighten Up Your Dismal Day

WHO is going? WHAT are you wearing? WHO are you going with? Spill the tea, babes.

Yes, Dinah Shore 2018 isn’t until the end of MARCH, however. The winter is coming and we’re starting to come down with a dire case of the bikini bug, yet again. Reality has set in. We’re starting to realize that the days of lesbian pool parties in Fire Island are officially OVER. And the next time we’ll be dancing in our bathing suits, pasties, boxer-briefs and whatever else you lovely entities wear to the pool, won’t be until we head west The Dinah. So we decided to post the video just to get all of you as excited for ~The Dinah~ as we are.

So who is going? What are your favorite Dinah memories? What will you be wearing? Who are you going with? Spill the tea, babes.

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