GO TV Presents: @DATINGZOE Episode 1 #thecure

A new comedy based on the real-life dating struggles of a lesbian in NYC.

Good morning, queer babes. Today is a beautiful day. You know why? Because the lesbian web series of your dreams has finally arrived. “@DATINGZOE just landed on GO TV and we couldn’t be more excited. Filmed mockumentary style, “@DATINGZOE” tells the story of Zoe (played by Rachel Paulson), a single lesbian who goes on a bunch of bad dates — then her best friend Devon (played by Olivia Jampol) decides to document them on Youtube.

As a lesbian who has been on many a date, I relate maybe a little *too much* to Zoe, and if you’re a single queer babe in New York City, I think you will too (for the record the series is based on the real-life dating experiences of lesbian writer Adi Riesenberg). Like Zoe, I’ve had many trials and tribulations when dating women of the ~lesbian variety.~

I’ve been breadcrumbed, had my vagina broken, and, worse, had my heart broken. But I’ve also cooked a meal only using aphrodisiacs, had lots of fab sex, and found a v hot girlfriend.

Like you, I have been desperate for more lesbian content, and it’s finally here! I can’t wait to virtually accompany Zoe on all of her dates. @DATINGZOE and chill?


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