Dapper Fashion For The Lesbian Who Wants To Slay Her Holiday Party

Don’t forget that the main outfit should be YOU.

The holiday season is here, which means party party party. If you’re like me, then you’re trying to find the balance between looking presentable and standing out. I’m usually the one who sticks out like a sore thumb—especially at company parties—because I’m in the only masculine-presenting woman at work. But I own it. This year, I’ve decided to put together a look that’s elegant and chic on its own.

Here’s what I came up with:

I stray away from button-ups during the holiday season and trade them for warmer tops. (It’s cold here in New York!) The turtleneck is an amazing staple piece to have in your closet. I love wearing turtlenecks because they’re a highly functional piece that can be dressed either up or down. Here, I opted to do an in-between! Which is one of my favorite dapper and comfortable looks. I paired my turtleneck with a J. Crew double-breasted tuxedo, a wool vest, and a pair of khaki tuxedo pants. Most times, I don’t get my clothing tailored unless I’m going to a very serious occasion. It’s important to know the correct size and style that fits you, so if this means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying things on, then do it! Try it on piece by piece; it doesn’t have to be the entire outfit.

To top off the look, I added a pair of black Freeman Plat loafers. Now pass me a glass of Champagne, so I can get to my two-step!

Don’t forget that the main outfit should be YOU. You are the looker, and you are the prize. You dressed up just complements everything. So be you, and be comfortable.

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