Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher Are Taking A Break

We wish Cameron and Rhea all the privacy they need as they go through this transition.

Cameron Esposito and Rhea ButcherPhoto by WBUR

In heartbreaking lesbian news, I have to report to you all that our favorite comedic queer duo, Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, are taking a break. I feel the collective mourning of all lez goddesses everywhere across America — but especially in rural America where these queer babes have given so much of their advocacy and life to. While the “Take My Wife” couple didn’t use the words divorce or breakup, it seems that they are decidedly taking a break for the time being.

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“Cameron & I are separating to live individual lives for a time,” Rhea posted on their Instagram this afternoon. They appear to be on the same page about this announcement, as both Rhea and Cameron posted the same text on their Instagram’s at the same time. “We care very much about each other & that’s why we’re doing this,” the text continues.

Many followers and fans have commented with endearing messages to treat themselves gently in this time and copious heart emojis have been shared. One commenter @obey_garg lamented “only when I thought the concept ‘love’ couldn’t get any harder to understand.” Relationships are hard work for all of us, but especially those who live in the public eye and are subject to constant criticism, judgement, and pressure. We can only imagine how difficult this announcement was for them to make in the public sphere — which ended on “Thanks for your kindness and understanding.”

While many baby queers have found solace and visibility in Cameron and Rhea’s relationship and show “Take My Wife” — they both deserve their privacy. Celesbians don’t owe any of us explanations for their relationship transitions and we’re grateful for all Rhea and Cameron have done for the queer and trans community.

We wish Cameron and Rhea all the healing and privacy that they need to get through this transition.

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