April brings, for many of us, an opportunity to refine our goals, and rethink our
priorities for the year ahead. With Mars turning direct in March, we are finally able to get a bit more traction in our personal lives, and move ahead on our personal goals. Mercury will turn direct, however, on April 18th, forcing us to carefully examine our communications. Try not to see this as a difficulty, but rather an opportunity to further fine-tune the messages we’re broadcasting to each other.

Aries•March 21–April 19
Happy Birthday, Aries! With the sun in your sign this month, you have celestial support in any new venture you choose to begin. You’ll have abundant resources at your disposal, and more than enough friends willing to lend a hand. The one challenge, however, is whether or not you can stay organized enough to make your lofty dreams come true.

TAURUS•April 20–May 20
Matters of the heart dominate your thoughts this month, Taurus. Your usually demonstrative, affectionate nature may encounter some challenges when Mercury turns retrograde in your sign. Do not fear, this is the Universe’s way of trying to expand your vocabulary of romance. If you can go with the flow, have fun discovering new ways to express yourself.

GEMINI•May 21–June 20
April sees Gemini connecting with a much larger community, tapping into the collective subconscious for inspiration. You will meet some new faces and find yourself engaged in significant connection this month. Well, at least for the first half. After the 20th, you’ll have to rely on yourself to make good on the potential of the last few weeks.

CANCER•June 21–July 22
Cancer, I know that it has not been easy. Something has been missing, you’ve been stifled. It doesn’t matter who or what’s been holding you back, this month you’ll finally be able to regain control of your destiny. By clearly articulating your desires, hopes and goals, you are that much closer to making them real. Go get ‘em, tiger!   

LEO•July 23–August 22
With Mars having finally turned direct in your sign, Leo, you’ll have enough support and confidence to get your life back on track and reclaim your rightful title as Queen of the Jungle. Even communication snafus thrown by mid-month Mercury’s about-face will seem inconsequential. Just smile, and the whole world really will smile with you.

Virgo•Aug 23–Sept 22
April brings Virgo a Midas Touch. You’ll find yourself particularly persuasive, lucky, and seductive this month. When everything comes as easily as it will this month, the only challenge will be prioritizing where and how you spend your energy. The less exciting, but very necessary realm of money (especially debt) will demand some of your attention.

Libra•Sept 23-Oct 22
Can you have a real connection without honesty, Libra? Or is ignorance bliss? This month, for better or for worse, you will be living in a glass house. There will be no secrets, no charades, no games to be played. Just the naked truth. Whether this is a positive or negative thing is up to you, but at least you’ll know where you stand.

Scorpio•Oct 23 – Nov 21
At a certain point, Scorpio, you need to learn to trust your instincts. Even if you’re not getting as much support as you’d like (as may have been the case in the last few weeks), you’ll have to forge ahead on your own. Say what you mean and mean what you say, Scorp. All you can do is share your own personal truth.

Sagittarius•Nov 22–Dec 21
If there’s one thing you hate, Sagittarius, it’s being tied down. This month you’ll feel the need to demonstrate your freedom, publicly proclaiming yourself an independent woman. I wonder, though, whom exactly you are trying to convince. It’s fine and dandy to follow your own path, just make sure you don’t alienate everyone else in your life in the process.

Capricorn•Dec 22–Jan 19
You’ll feel quite romantic this month, Capricorn. An apt metaphor would be the desire to read poems, sing songs to your lover’s bedroom window by moonlight. That’s very sweet. The one potential snafu here, though, is that in your eagerness to express yourself, you might not be giving your special friend an opportunity to say their piece. Shut up for just a second. 

Aquarius•Jan 20–Feb 18
Certainty is such a lovely feeling, Aquarius. When you have all the necessary information, then all you have to do is act on it. In your world, there are no difficult decisions, just uninformed choices. When the clouds part this month, you’ll have all the proof you need to make some potentially drastic changes to your social sphere.

Pisces•Feb 19–March 20
This month sees Pisces rediscovering the power of positive thinking. By
simply allowing for the possibility of success, you can turn your dreams into reality with much less difficulty than you would have imagined. Good vibes are contagious, Pisces, so do your part: pay it forward and share your newfound optimism and productivity with those you love.

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