Ani Ferlise

Rashelle Palmer


“I found myself losing my humanity in the name of ‘growth’ and ‘healing,’” says Ani Ferlise, recalling how she first became disenchanted with spirituality culture. “I would go to Instagram and see posts explaining how to be the most healthy, evolved, conscious, spiritual, pristine, perfect human being.” So Ferlise focused on finding magic in the mundane: becoming a certified priestess, holding rituals and guiding individuals through major life shifts, and training with the nation’s top leaders in sexuality, spirituality, trauma, and coaching. She also turned to writing: her memoir Messy Bitch Magic reached number 22 on Amazon’s LGBTQ+ Biography Bestsellers before its publication earlier this year. Currently, Ferlise is working on DeedDa, a revolutionary content and e-commerce site launching this summer. At DeedDa, Ferlise will spearhead artist collaborations and create personal essays and other content. The most rewarding part of Ferlise’s work is simple: connection. “Whether it’s through writing or ritual, being able to connect with myself, others, or something bigger has never ceased to blow my mind,” she says. “In a world of perfectionism and projections, there is nothing more sacred than when you actually get to see that regardless of what is happening, or who you are, your story is a masterpiece.”

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