America’s Most Captivating Couples 2008

The results are in! After a grueling selection process, we’ve skimmed the sweet cream off this year’s batch of entries and whipped it into GO’s most captivating couples of 2008. Many more couples coming soon!

Niyoka & Gioanny

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Niyoka Nelson, 35, IRS transcriber

Gioanny Polanco, 33, Executive Office Administrator

“People say we light up a room…and we agree!” says this captivating couple, who met four years ago at Henrietta Hudson in Manhattan. “Niyoka was dancing her tush off, and I was sitting on the stage. She tripped and literally fell into my lap,” Gioanny remembers. “We exchanged giggles, drinks, and phone numbers.” They recently moved to Georgia, where they bought a home together. They are avid readers, and Gioanny’s into bowling, while Niyoka is a pool shark. “We have been through many obstacles, but we always seem to rise above it in the end,” says Gioanny. “We have grown and learned so much from each other, and we look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.”

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