From The L To The Q: A New ‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Trailer Is Here

The L Word countdown has officially begun!

The countdown is on until December 8th — the premiere of “The L Word: Generation Q.” The lesbian gods have given us another teaser trailer for the forthcoming series. The new “The L Word” trailer features our favorite original characters Bette (Jennifer Beals), Alice (Leisha Hailey), and Shane (Kate Moenning), as well as new faces Micah (Leo Sheng), Sophie (Rosanny Zayas), Arienne (Dani Nunez), and Sarah (Jacqueline Toboni).

The new trailer for “The L Word: Generation Q” features the actors addressing the camera directly in front of a green screen about the show. The video’s script highlights two distinct aspects of “The L Word: Generation Q” that it revolves around an ever-changing and growing community (a community of “tops, bottoms, and verses,” of “side-hustlers,” “dreamers,” and “activists”) and that the constant moving parts of life aren’t always easy to navigate. The end features a clip of the cast members making an “L” with their fingers.

From Dani going down on Sophie to the clue that Dani somehow works with Bette, we were able to glean a bit about the upcoming characters. Sarah, who we can only assume from her haircut is the new generation’s Shane, is seen making a cross in a church, so she may be looking for guidance, as it’s been mentioned that her character comes from a conservative and religious household. Of course, while we’re happy for subtext spoilers, we’re also happy to just take such an amazing trailer at face value — a bunch of queer women living life and just being themselves.

Check out the new “The L Word” trailer below, and be sure to mark your calendars for the lez-aissance on December 8th.

So tell us, GO, family, what do you think of the new trailer? What do you think of the new cast? And most importantly how are you planning to celebrate the premiere of The L Word: Generation Q?!

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