Leaders of the Pack 2013

Red hot entrepreneurs of 2013

Founder, Reinvent U

Thirteen years ago, Jenna Mormelo was just another fitness fiend working out at a Crunch gym in New York City when Crunch offered her a job as a personal trainer-even though her only credential was remaining fit and healthy for her high school varsity tennis team. Mormelo was not one to turn down a challenge. “I love that the human body is adaptable to most anything,” she says, which inspired her to get certified by Crunch Fitness and work with her clients to help them achieve their wellness goals. At the same time, she continued her own education in nutrition and health, and in 2001 founded Reinvent U, a boutique fitness and wellness company. Today Mormelo offers clients who want to lose weight a custom-designed, 30-day meal plan packed with metabolism-boosting foods. And here is the key: Mormelo shops for and prepares each meal, then delivers it to you at the right time to maximize your chance of reaching your fitness goal. But what about the rest of us, who just can not make it to the gym every week? “Music helps us to stay connected to our movements, and it is proven that when your mind connects to the physical, your results are better,” she advises. “Put together your best playlist, whether it makes you angry, sad or energized. Go with the emotion you are feeling and work it out!”

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