Video Of The Day: Model Rain Dove Has An Important Message For Vogue

“You have the opportunity to do something very, very powerful.”

Model and activist Rain Dove reacted to the Gigi Hadid/Zayne Malick cover of Vogue scandal in a powerful new video for Mic. In the video Dove explains that gender fluidity isn’t more than a mere “fashion trend.”

“It’s about identifying with yourself and just being you,” says Dove, who has been an articulate and outspoken activist in fashion, film and social media (with almost 150,000 hyper-dedicated Instagram followers) since she took the modeling world by storm.

If you look like #Barbie that’s ok, beautiful and perfect. But just because I DONT doesn’t mean that I’m worthless or unFUCKABLE. There are 7.5 billion people on the planet- I guarantee you that someone will love me for me. And love you for you. The odds are in our favor. Not everyone has to find me beautiful. It’s ok if YOU don’t find me beautiful. Beauty is an opinion and opinion is free speech. Your freedom is my freedom. But make no mistake- just because I’m not attractive to you or valuable to you doesn’t mean I think the same of myself. #FreeSpeech #BeautyisaBeastofanOpinion #EducateDontHate #lovewins #lgbtq #qpiadkh #genderfluid #genderisntscience #BarbieisSexySoAmISoAreYou photo by @markanthonychen MUA @wataru_makeup

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We love how Dove doesn’t only critique Vogue but offers a helpful solution, by suggesting they use their platform as an opportunity to create an “educational” piece about gender fluidity and gender expression.

Personally, we happen to think Dove would be the perfect person to for Vogue to collaborate with on a story of this nature.

So Vogue call Dove and use your wide-reaching, influential (and massive) platform wisely!

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