2017’s Women at the Helm

17 out entrepreneurs serving as role models for women and LGBTQs with their inspiring success stories.

Creative Director, The Vintage Brands; Producer, Hot Rabbit
Los Angeles, CA / New York, NY


Charlotte Glasser has found two very specific niches, both of which she claims to have “fallen into.”

“I have always sort of utilized my skills in networking, attention to detail, interest in branding and content collection to find roles and projects that I could help grow,” Glasser said. “This started a consulting business overnight, and very much so by accident.”

As the creative director of high-end diamond and gold jeweler The Vintage Brands, Glasser recently relocated from New York City to Los Angeles, regularly returning to the Big Apple to continue producing the highly successful queer party Hot Rabbit with business partner Emily Hall Smith. Glasser credited several people as having influenced and mentored her so that she could be as successful as she is at 29, but said her greatest inspiration comes from her mother.

“My mother and I are very different people, but all of my values and strict code of ethics I learned from her, ” Glasser said. “My mom works incredibly hard, never complains, is always positive and the first person to volunteer to help. I try to mirror these traits and thrive when given the opportunity to help someone, or link people in my network together. I really love the whole experience of collaboration from introductions to execution. My mom is a great example for me in how to be a good person. It’s easy to try and be so many other things, but to be a good person is a very special thing and that concept keeps me on track. I can stay proud of myself and the way I do things by using those guidelines.”

Glasser gives back to the community by teaching workshops at the Ali Forney Center as part of their self-starting entrepreneurship series, the LEAP Program. The advice she offered to those who want to reach their goals is to recognize that there’s more than enough room for everyone to thrive.

“People get so caught up in making themselves successful they can often worry that competition means less opportunity for them, but I don’t see it that way,” Glasser said. “We are a consumer-driven society, focus on being the best you can be and providing the best possible product and service—the rest will come organically. Authenticity, hard work, integrity and collaboration are the keys to success. I have learned this through my mistakes but also through my triumphs. We can all succeed.”

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