10 Reasons Why A Mom Is A Lesbian’s Best Friend

Happy Mother’s Day!

From the moment you were born until now, there’s been one person who has been completely in love with you, invested in you, and wants you to be happy: your mom. Even when you were a tantrumming toddler, an impish child, a surly pre-teen and mouthy teenager, your mom was always there for you. And whether she hugged you and cried with you when you came out, professing her forever love, or it took her a while to come around to accepting that she has a lesbian daughter, your mom loves you. Unconditionally.

As a lesbian, chances are you have lots of women in your life: friends, your girlfriend, exes-turned-friends, friends with benefits, coworkers. But no matter how many women you know and love, your mom’s love and devotion to you is unrivaled, and she’ll always be your best friend. Here are 10 reasons why a mom is a lesbian’s best friend.

She always comes to your defense

When you were younger, this meant she stuck up for you and told you your school bullies were “jealous” of you (even if they weren’t). And now, it means that no matter what you do, your mom will come to your defense. Ghost your girlfriend? Your mom will come up with an excuse for you and remind you that your girlfriend was bonkers, anyway. Still wearing the same Doc Martens you had in high school? Your mom will remind you that being frugal is smart. No matter what, your mom will always defend you and stick up for you.

She puts your needs before hers

Who else is going to wake up every morning for years and feed you breakfast, even if she’s been sick for weeks? And who else chauffered you around when you were a kid from practice, to school, to friends’ houses and the mall? Do you think your mom enjoyed all that? Hell to the no. There were mornings she would’ve rather laid in bed than get up and pack another lunch for you. There were nights when she helped you with your homework that she felt like vegging on the couch with a glass of wine instead. But she always put your needs first, and she always will.

She genuinely cares about what you’re doing with your life

No detail is too small for your mom – she wants to hear it all. You could call her up and talk about your life for hours, and she’d probably still be hungry for more of your details. Your mom loves you, and she genuinely cares about what you’re doing. A best friend should be a personal cheerleader, and mom definitely is.

Your mom is infinitely patient with you – even when you’re being dramatic

When you introduced your mom to your last ex, she may not have loved her, but she (probably) bit her tongue. When you broke up, your mom may have wanted to say “I told you so”. But she didn’t. Because she has patience for you, knows that you’re doing the best you can, and let’s face it – she’s had years of practicing being patient with you. She knows that you’re learning as you go, just like she did.

She’ll always try to “get it” – even when she doesn’t

Your mom may not understand your life in all of your lesbian glory, but she tries, bless her heart. She may not get what you see in women or why you’re in love with the person you are, but she loves you and wants you to be happy. She may not love the way you dress or the lesbian crowd you hang out with, but she’ll always do her best to try and support you, who you are, and who you love.

She makes you feel special (because you are!)

Your mom will stock up on your favorite foods when you’re coming home for the weekend. She’ll call all of her friends and let them know her sweet daughter is coming into town and she’s cleared her calendar for you. She remembers how you liked your pancakes on Saturday mornings growing up, and knows how to make you laugh. Your mom will make you feel special because to her, you are a star.

She stands by you through heartache

Sometimes mom’s feedback on what you’re wearing or a choice you’ve made may be savage. Moms are known for their tough love from time to time, after all. But when someone’s broken your heart, you can be damn sure your mom is going to take you in her arms, let you cry as much as you need to, and curse the jerk who hurt you until you’re feeling all better.

She’ll take your call – any time of day or night

No matter how busy she is, your mom will always pick up the phone and make time for you. Sure, you might give her a heart attack if you call her at 3 am asking for a ride home, but she’d rather you make that call than not. Your mom was your first support person, and she wants to be there for you no matter how old you are, and no matter how much of a tough butch you are, you always need your mama’s love.

She’ll never leave you on “read”

Being left on “read” stings, and it can leave you wondering what you did wrong/why the hot woman you’ve just started dating hates you/crying into your beer about being ghosted if you haven’t had a response in two hours. But your mom? Your mom will never leave you on read. If anything, she does the opposite – she wants to be all up in your business and talk to you all of the time.

She loves to listen to you brag/she’s your biggest fan

Your mom is always and forever going to be your #1 fan. She genuinely wants to hear about your accomplishments. And she won’t be jealous like some friends may be when you talk about your promotion or a new hottie that just asked you out. So brag away. No one thinks you’re quite as amazing as your mom does.

Your mom loved you before you were born. And while she may not love the way you dress or understand why you keep your hair short, she’s always going to be there for you. Call your mom this Mother’s Day. Or better yet, go home and give her a giant hug.

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