10 Queer Podcasts That Are So Good They’ll Make You Look Forward To Your Horrible Commute

You’ll *want to* sit in traffic.

As much as I am a producer of all different kinds of creative media — I also am a *huge* consumer of it. I love soaking up other people’s articles, music, videos and podcasts. Lately, I’ve been on a kick with podcasts because I can put one on, become totally wrapped up in the conversation and not even realize that my hour-long commute is now over! It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I love how grassroots podcasts feel. They are pretty easy to record, edit and produce if you have access to a phone or computer with voice recording capabilities. And with that level of accessibility to create, you can find so many amazing queer-focused podcasts. There is such an importance in not only telling our own stories but also archiving them for future generations to bear witness to. And that is exactly what I love so much about these 10 podcasts. Not only are they created by LGBTQ folks, but they also bring to light a variety of vital queer and trans narratives.

1. Making Gay History

While this podcast covers some well-known LGBTQ activists like Sylvia Rivera and lesbian duo Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin — host Eric Marcus also covers less known historical figures like Morty Manford, Perry Watkins, and Paulette Goodman. Marcus takes decades old archived audio interviews to “create intimate, personal portraits of both known and long-forgotten champions, heroes, and witnesses to history.”

And it is well worth the listen. Many of these activists have been forgotten about because LGBTQ people and stories weren’t deemed as important at the time they were creating change. Marcus is ensuring that they will not be forgotten any longer and the work they paved for our current LGBTQ community will be remembered.

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2. Nancy

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This incredible podcast is created by besties and co-hosts Tobin Low and Kathy Tu. They touch on everything from coming out in the workplace to queer entertainment stories. This podcast creates space for queer narratives to be told in an honest and messy way that will make you laugh and definitely cry.

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3. Homoground

Who else is going to uplift the LGBTQ community better than our own kin? Homoground is a poignant and timely podcast unearthing some of the best underground and undiscovered queer and trans musicians. Run by Lynn Casper, and based out of Brooklyn, the podcast’s first episode aired in January 2011 and has quickly become a favorite of the queer community.

“The dream is to become the Queer version of MTV,” Casper says. And they aren’t too far off from their goal. The podcast reaches people all over the globe who are looking for a connection to fellow queer music lovers. And many of the bands featured on the show share raw and honesty truths about their struggles in wanting to get their music out there.

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4. Anzaldúing It

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Anzaldúing It is two best friends and queer Latinxs talking about life, pop culture, academia, astrology, and identity politics. Their episodes are on the longer side but so worth really diving in for a listen.

Angélica Becerra and Jackie Cáraves are hilarious and passionate as they discuss all the ways in which their queer and Latinx identities intersect. Anzalduing It is a reference from Gloria Anzaldua’s “Borderlands,which applies to the code switching Chicanos and other people of color experience, especially when living in border-towns.

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5. Trans Specific Partnership Podcast

The Trans Specific Partnership Podcast is the brain-child of Joanna Cifredo and Rebecca Kling who strive to unpack any issue as it relates to gender and sexuality, specifically through a trans lens. The women have episodes on everything from dysphoria to pretty privilege and street harassment.

Having trans women speak on these topics is vital for the survival of our community and their experiences are uniquely theirs. When we provide space for these conversations to be had — one can only hope that it will help people find more acceptance and understanding for trans people.

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6. Femme, Collectively

Full disclosure, I am one of the co-hosts on this podcast working to create space for queer femmes. But I couldn’t help but include it in this roundup since there is so rarely space for queer femmes to feel seen and validated. Along with my co-host Rahel Neirene, we interview queer and trans femmes about their work, thoughts, and lived experiences. I won’t toot my own horn too much here, but if you’re a queer femme — we hope you feel more represented with the work that we do.

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7. Morado Lens

Morado Lens is described as “a feminist podcast hosted by two childhood friends who discuss embracing our #innerbruja, sex, & culture — always funny, always real.” Morado translates to purple in Spanish, which co-hosts Cindy and Nathalie feel represents them with its representation of “creativity, magic, spiritually and the subconscious.” They regularly feature LGBTQ Latinx as guests on their show to talk about astrology, sex, relationships, and music.

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8. The Heart

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The Heart is one of my favorite podcasts of all time. It is a podcast that isn’t definable to fit into one genre or another. To put it succinctly: “Things you whisper. Things you do in the dark — or in the light. Things you feel, but you don’t know how to name. This is a show about all of those things,” as it states on their Facebook page. The Heart is run by 5 women, with Kaitlin Prest as the host and director of the show. The topics they cover range from sex, consent, break-ups, religion and queerness, and navigating tough relationships.

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9. Safe Word Society

This podcast is run by two of our absolute fave queer femmes Kristen McCallum and Lamika Young — Kristen has written some amazing pieces for us in the past. This show focuses on QTPOC narratives and experiences with weekly interviews featuring badass QTPOC community members and the work they’re doing. They are launching Season 4 on January 17 with a lot of exciting new updates — so be sure to stay tuned.

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10. Bag Ladiez

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You’ve got baggage, I’ve got baggage and Estephanie and Lina have got baggage. But they are ready to get down and dirty to process all the baggage anyone has! Described as “2 Bronx Dominican AfroLatinas tryna be better and make you better too!” They are hilarious, so on point, and don’t shy away from some tough topics.

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