SPICE NYC Bikini Blast

SPICE NYC’s annual pride party Bikini Blast set the bar at Monarch Rooftop Bar! DJ Christie & DJ Nikki Lions pumped us up and New Fame’s performance knocked us off our feet! Special shout out to host Karma Jayy and Nikki Hill for making this evening possible! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

SPICE NYC 10 Year Anniversary Party at Monarch Rooftop Bar

SPICE NYC’s 10 Year Anniversary Party at Monarch Rooftop Bar was a fabulous and unforgettable night full of love, laugher, and good vibes! The special performance by chart-topping artist, HoodCelebrityy, was incredible and DJ Rob Dinero killed the old school throwback jams all night long! Thank you so much Nikki Hill for an incredible 10 years of amazing parties; you’re truly a gift to our community! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Hot Turkey

SPICE NYC in association with girlNATIONnyc & Cynthia Russo presents the return of Hot Turkey, NYC’s Thanksgiving Eve mega dance party at Monarch. International DJ Tatiana and DJ Average Jo packed the dance floor! #Wewerethere! Were you?!


KRASH NYC at Lovage Rooftop SOLD OUT and went sky high with the sassy, sexy, superstars NINA SKY! DJ Mary Mac, DJ Lady Chellez and DJ Norty Cotto packed the dance floor the entire night! Special thank you shout out to all the partners; JR Valdes, Cynthia Russo, Lori Torres, Jose M X Herrera, Alejandro Concepcion- LairEvents, Nikki Hill- spicenyc, Russell Cruz, JT Tibvrcio, and Lindsay Benjamin that made this legendary night happen!

Bikini Blast Finale “Hey DJ DJ”

SPICE NYC’s BIKINI BLAST Finale “Hey DJ DJ” was the perfect wrap up to an EPIC string of delicious parties this past summer!
DJ Avg Joe, DJ Nikki Lions, and DJ Unk* killed their sets and set the bar sky high for next year!