Be Cute

Be Cute at littlefield was SUPER cute with a stunning line-up including; Charlene, Ragamuffin, Vigor Mortis, Mary Con, and Miss Malice! Special thanks to our host Horrorchata and DJs Hannah Lou, Jcleff, and Uncle Larry! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Metropolitan 15 yr Anniversary Bash!

Metropolitan’s 15 year anniversary bash was an absolute ball complete with queens galore! This line up left us wanting so much more! Ragamuffin, Charlene, Glace Chase, Miz Jade, Rify Royalty, Horrorchata, Merrie Cherry, Will Sheridan, Glace Chase, Alotta McGriddles, Elizabeth James and Hannah Lou SLAYED!!! Thanks to door Goddess Heidi Glum and DJ Frankie Sharp, DJ Manilla Ice, DJ Cameron Cooper, DJ Michael Cavadias, DJ Hannah Lou, and DJ Horrorchata for making this dope night sexy and poppin! #WeWereThere! Were you?!

F*cksgiving 2017: Stuff It!

The F*ck You Revue is proud to celebrate the annual tradition of F*cksgiving, an alternate celebration where we gather to honor everything that gets left out in this holiday. This month, guest hosts Glenn Marla and Faux Pas le Fae will be presenting a star studded cast of all trans and non-binary performers as they share their joy, their rage, and everything in between.