Workin It (Part 1) 2009

The first 18 of 2009’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs!

Lucia Gerbino

Owner, Lucky Dog Leather

If the lesbian’s wearing leather, it might be a Gerbino: A piece of Lucia Gerbino’s wearable art, from her Lucky Dog line. Gerbino crafts leather belts, bracelets and cuffs, each made to order. Lucky Dog Leather accessories, says Gerbino, “are meant to make you feel fantastic. Every item is created to be an outward expression of the super cool, sexy mother f*cker that lives inside you.” You may have spotted some Lucky Dog on Suzanne Westenhoefer, Cathy DeBuono, Jill Bennett, Erin Foley or Lori Michaels. Selling directly to the community at Pride festivals, and events like the Dinah Shore Weekend, the accessories can also be found in select
boutiques and online.“ Part of being a craftsperson for me, is sharing the results of my labor with people who will ‘get it’,” Gerbino says. “I absolutely love the challenges of growing a business, especially because the product is so close to my heart.”– KW

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