Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Mars Retrograde

Have there been any unsaid words that you’ve held close to the chest?

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Ready, set, action: On Tuesday, Mars retrogrades. It will retrograde for the next two months.

Have there been any unsaid words that you’ve held close to the chest? Have you and your friends said any nastiness about someone that you wouldn’t like to say to them? Are you in a daily fit of rage because you’ve not getting something that you need at your job? This Mars retrograde will make you deal with all these things. It asks you, as it retrogrades from Aquarius into Capricorn, to make room for your dreams by focusing on the now, by building the foundation your dreams need to stand on.

We also have a Sun opposite Saturn aspect this week. This aspect represents the part of the hero’s journey where the hero’s ego is no longer allowed to grow exponentially. This is the part of the story where the hero fails a little bit. You’ll fail a little but you’ll understand why this failure is necessary. It won’t be a failure that’s here to stop you but here to make sure that you grow stronger.

With our relationships, Venus square Jupiter make things a little star crossed. Things spill out of the gossip bag that were never meant to be seen. You won’t have any control over your romantic relationships because it seems like fate has something else in store for you altogether. Through our relationships, we’re reminded this week of how little control we have over the world.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


Your gifts, Aries, depend on the disposability of things. You will only be able to grow when you understand what you’re able to throw away. These next few months, you learn how to risk things responsibly. You will understand yourself better and understand that when some types of relationships and connections grow too precious, that they hold you back dangerously.


Make yourself louder by speaking softly. Some of your words will matter more than others because of when and where you choose them. You need to find the places where you matter and put yourself there. These places can look very different from what you thought you wanted. They may not exist already and might be waiting for you to make them.


The only way you will be in control of your sexuality is to surrender. You are not in control of who you want, of who wants you, and even what happens during sex (someone can slip and fall!). You are in control, however, of how you react to all these things. Learn to respect someone through your desire. Intimacy is messy, not perfect — work with your mess.


You’re so through with people just asking and asking and taking from you without ever giving back. Figure out to ask for things constructively. Hold your tears back and don’t create those emotionally intense situations you’re capable of where one becomes two and two becomes four. Instead, put up beautiful boundaries that protect yourself from disrespect.


Live the routine you want to live. Disagree with your employers about something just to prove to yourself that you can. What you’re asking for at work may not come to fruition. You may feel like you’ve compromised your circumstances at first. However, the demand you have must come out and, if your job has been giving you headaches, then it’s not a job worth sustaining.


Damn, it’s hard for you to just have some fun, Virgo. If fun has to be production for you, then write that book you want to write, make those paintings, or do that programming project. Make the thing that is just sitting inside of you and trying to come out. Give birth if it’s time for you. Just pull something precious from inside you into the world and hold it in your hands.


Ancestral debt, filial duty, and genetic inheritance — these might feel super heavy. These things might come up in the form of a snide remark or a disorientating conversation. You might feel like you said something wrong in the moment or that you don’t love the right way. Unpacking the structure of the house you grew up in will give you perspective about your now.


It seems like communication is a theme for you these days. Ask yourself whether the things you think you are saying are the things other people are hearing. Don’t just hide away when you need to speak up, Scorpio. This has been giving people the wrong impression about you and will continue to do so. You need to learn to use your words.


Refine your hustle. It’s time to make some money. There’s ways of making money that you haven’t even explored yet. Tty them out. Doing types of work that you normally wouldn’t try, like reselling things or writing a book, will make you more confident about your ability to sustain the life of your dreams. You might also find something you really enjoy doing.


Identity issues should be coming up for you. Questions like “Who are you?” and “How do other people see you?” become more complex. Figure out the world by figuring out how you, personally, fit into the world. Fight with yourself about yourself. Feel anger if you are not allowed to be who you are and fight to make your place.


Take some time off, some real time off — not just time that you take off your paying job to catch up on other types of work. You will never feel like you are worthy or doing enough until you feel that you are enough. You will never know what you want from life until you figure out what you want – and that’s what taking time off forces you to figure out.


You need to learn to choose your friends and your enemies. Not everyone deserves your attention. Learn to grow with your friends, not apart from them, and you’ll have communities that gives you security for the rest of your life. You’re becoming a pillar of your community by learning to lean on other people first. Be someone your friends can rely on.

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