Tig Notaro And Stephanie Allynne Are Co-Directing A Lesbian Coming-Of-Age Movie

Could a movie get any gayer than this?

Power couple Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne are teaming up for their debut feature movie, and it’s about the Lauren Pomerantz, head writer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Could a movie get any gayer than this?!

Notaro and Allyne will co-direct the film, while Pomerantz wrote the mostly-autobiographical script. The story explores the close friendship between two thirtysomethings, Lucy and Jane. They have “learned pretty much everything about life and each other from one another,” Deadline reports. But when Lucy embarks on a “personal journey,” she faces a test of both her friendship and herself.

Notaro told Deadline that the movie is a “fresh, funny, and heartwarming” new take on the lesbian coming-of-age story. Allyne added: “Nothing interests me more than a character whose self-determination, curiosity, and bravery is directed inward, igniting the possibility to awaken one’s true authentic self.”

This collaboration is basically the stuff of Pomerantz’s dreams.

“If I had known that coming out would lead to getting to work with Tig, Stephanie, and this producing team, I would’ve come out so much sooner,” she joked. “But then I wouldn’t have had this story to tell, and I am so excited that they are helping me tell it.”

The movie does not yet have a title or premiere date. However, it’s scheduled to start filming in Los Angeles in early 2020, and casting is currently taking place.

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