There’s Now A ‘Bi-Chair’ Designed For Bisexual People Who Can’t Sit Straight

This is bisexual culture.

Bisexual invisibility aside, bi people do have one trait that they’re apparently famous for: not sitting properly.

Instead of sitting down with both feet planted on the ground like a hetero person or lez, bi people habitually sit in one of several messy ways: slouched down, spread-eagle, legs draped over the side of the chair, or legs folded to their chest.

And now, there’s a chair just for bi people who don’t sit straight. The Brazilian artist Má Matiazi first designed the “bi-chair” on Instagram. After the drawing went viral, Israel Walker of Iowa actually built a real-life version of the chair.

Walker learned about bi-sitting from his daughter, who identifies as “bisexual genderf*ck.” He reached out to Matiazi to ask if he could build her design, and she said yes.

Needless to say, the bi-chair is already an enormous hit. Walker posted photos of it on Facebook, and he has been flooded with praise from LGBTQ people.

“You know you’re bi when that [chair] looks comfy,” one user posted.

Many people are asking to buy a bi-chair of their very own. Luckily, Walker posted an update that he’s “worked out something” with Matiazi and plans on making more chairs to sell (!!!), plus he’s going sell the design plans so people can make their own. Because what’s more gay than a woodworking project for a bi chair?!

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