Michelle Reiner

Michelle Reiner Courtesy of Balfour Beatty

For Michelle Reiner, Vice President at Balfour Beatty, the most rewarding part of her job “is being able to give back through mentorship and advocacy of all my teammates and creating safe workplace environments where diverse employees feel respected, accepted, and empowered to be the best version of themselves every day.” As one of the general contracting company’s first female executives, she uses her position to help create a safe, inclusive, and diverse working environment for her colleagues and employees. In addition to her professional accomplishments, she has helped create support networks at Balfour for women, Black, and LGBTQ+ employees. She serves on the company’s National Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Council. She is also the recipient of Balfour Beatty’s 2017 Legacy Award in California, which she was awarded for her contributions to the company and local community. In 2019, the San Diego Business Journal awarded her the Outstanding Women in Construction Award. Her success has motivated her to come out and advocate for others, something which — as one of the company’s first POC, female, and LGBTQ+ executives — she is in a key position to do. “It takes a lot of courage and work to break the mold of an industry set in its ways,” she tells GO, “but with the support of my colleagues I am able to leverage my leadership position to advocate and empower diverse individuals and follow through on my mission in creating a safe, acceptable environment where everyone’s voice matters.” —RK

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