Galit Ben Simhon

Galit Ben Simhon by Shai Gabriely

Coming out “made me bold and smart,” says Panthera CEO and founder Galit Ben Simhon. Panthera is a women’s co-working space in Tel Aviv that offers mentorship, networking, and support for businesswomen. As a former corporate vice president, Ben Simhon saw firsthand how the corporate world still favors men. With Panthera, she wanted to shift that paradigm by helping women entrepreneurs earn financial success through their own businesses. “I am focusing on accelerating businesses that are led by women, and those that have a social and economic impact on our world,” she tells GO. “I work for an egalitarian world in which women and minorities in business have equal opportunities to reach influence and key positions.” Panthera isn’t Ben Simhon’s only women-focused entrepreneurial venture; she was previously the owner of the lesbian bar Minerva, which she ran while working as a VP. Now, Ben Simhon gives women the opportunity not only to gather, but to refine their business strategies, learn from others, and make valuable contacts within the entrepreneurial community. Her goal is “to raise strong women by teaching them how to build strong businesses,” she says. “I admire women of all kinds, so I want them to be at the top of everything. This is the best way to change our world for good.” —RK

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