The Dish: Hayley Kiyoko’s Sapphic “Sleepover,” Ellen DeGeneres Gets a Game Show

“Can I just be in my head with you?/Come on, let’s sleep in my bed.”

Will I catch you at ClexaCon this weekend?

Hayley Kiyoko has a very sexy new video for her song “Sleepover.”

Rugby is the new softball.

The lesbian couple who took on SweetCakes Bakery for discriminating against them penned an editorial for The Oregonian that includes this hot tidbit: “I don’t even like cake.”

New moms Claire and Steph Eden-McIlroy have been documenting both moms breastfeeding their newborn in hopes of raising awareness of LGBTQ families.

“The View Upstairs” is a new stage-play based on the tragic attacks that took place in New Orleans’ Upstairs Lounge in 1973. Out bisexual performer Frenchie Davis is a cast member.

Watch these and then also “The Watermelon Woman.”

Cara Hoffman‘s “Running” is a new queer novel that takes place in 1990s Greece.

Austin, Texas now has an LGBTQ commission that the city council will consult with on issues affecting the local queer community.

QSpace is hoping to rid of gender discrimination in the design field.

Out author Robin Talley shares some fun facts about herself and her work at Female First. Number one: “I write about queer teenagers.”

Pioneering trans musician Shawna Virago talked with SF Weekly. A quote:

“My generation of trans people, who came out before the internet or before reality TV stars, was very small.We survived, we were runaways, we did underground-economy work or escaped abusive families. … I think a lot of the songs were trying to think of the original queer dream of coming here and finding out at some point this other reality interfered with that.”

Disney’s new gay villain isn’t really a gift.

One writer wonders “Will my Latin American mother cry tears of joy at my queer wedding?

Ellen has a record label, a talk show, a brand and a production company, and now she’s got a game show on NBC. “Game of Games” will feature games from Ellen’s current show, “drawing from a well of games like ‘What’s In the Box?’ and ‘Know Or Go?'”

Cara Delevingne is playing straight again in a hetero romance. Can someone cast her as queer please? ANYONE? I’m tired of using my imagination.

In case you are dying to see a clip from “Catfight,” which has Anne Heche playing a lesbian again.

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